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Home Builders Advantage Project 5

This three-storey, inner city home was custom-designed by Home Builders Advantage’s award-winning in-house designers. Sitting on one of the smaller footprints in the neighbourhood, the dwelling takes advantage of the block to maximise the feeling of spaciousness in each room. The generous open-plan kitchen, living and dining area runs adjacent to an impressive stairway with a stunning glass balustrade. Leading to a large rooftop terrace, the outdoor entertaining zone offers breathtaking views of Perth’s CBD.

The abode benefits from a green-smart design that facilitates fresh air flow and harnesses natural light, reducing the client’s environmental impact and minimising the overall costs of running the home. With ever increasing awareness of the contributing factors of climate change, environmentally conscious designs is now perhaps the single most important factor to consider when designing and constructing a home.

For just a single outlay of $1000, the homeowner received the design, achieved a complex DA approval, a design statement from Home Builders Advantage’s consultant architect addressing the concerns of local council planners, and an exceptional price from the company’s builders.

Home Builders Advantage included a 3D fly-through video of the home and a 100 percent life-size walk-through plan experience to demonstrate the full scope of the design for the client. This meticulous attention-to-detail ensured that the original design brief had been fully realised in accordance with the client’s original vision. These features allowed the client to get a distinct impression of the feel and flow of their home. This extra touch has become integral to the success of Home Builders Advantage and its clients’ satisfaction.

Home Builders Advantage develops its designs with care and attention over a period of up to three months, often with as many as ten versions of the original design concept. This affords the team ample time to interpret designs to their full potential and ensures that the final product is the client’s dream home.

Offering vast industry knowledge and experience, Home Builders Advantage is conversant with all forms of construction. The company has designed and constructed more than 1400 homes since it was established 11 years ago. Home Builders Advantage specialises in projects that require unique design solutions, including narrow or sloping blocks, undercroft designs, inner city subdivisions and blocks with difficult ground or access restrictions as pictured in this project.

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