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Stannard Homes, Stannard Homes WA, builders, building design, builder WA
Stannard Homes, Stannard Homes WA, builders, building design, builder WA
Stannard Homes, Stannard Homes WA, builders, building design, builder WA

Stannard Homes

Stannard Homes

Specialising in the design and construction of unique custom homes with timeless style, Stannard Homes is one of Perth’s leading builders with more than 55 years of experience in the industry.

According to Glenn Stannard, the general manager of Stannard Group, a bespoke design, high-quality construction materials, and sustainable building practices are essential for creating a luxurious modern abode. Clear communication is also vital for achieving the desired result.

“If you’re building a custom home, it should be built for life and designed for living,” Stannard says. “An experienced custom-home builder will have an understanding of how to facilitate a relationship that encourages open communication and bring fresh, new ideas to the table.”

Further, a well-designed home will hold its value for many years to come. “A good design doesn’t just finish with the handover of the keys. It carries through to the furniture selection and interior styling – an experienced custom builder will offer the complete package,” Stannard says.

“[At Stannard Homes], we ensure all our homes have a real sense of presence from the moment you walk in,” Stannard adds. “Space and lighting are incredibly important elements to factor in when it comes to the feel, flow and comfort of your home, and we carefully consider these in each design.”

Stannard also believes it’s imperative to take your time and ask questions so that you are clear about your obligations and those of the builder. “Contracts are a necessity for joint security in the journey on which you and your builder are about to embark,” he says. You’ll want to work with a builder who takes the time to help you understand the commitments you’re both making. It’s important to know that a good builder doesn’t hide behind their contracts.”

Forming part of the prestigious Stannard Group, Stannard Homes is a family-owned company that has built thousands of new homes for Western Australian families. Its commitment to offering affordable building solutions and high-quality workmanship has been the key to the Stannard Group’s success and trusted reputation since its establishment in 1964.

For the pictured project, the company won Best Kitchen in a Display Home of the Year and Best Bathroom in a Display Home $550,000–$750,000 at the 2018 Housing Industry Association (HIA) Laminex Kitchen and Bathroom Awards.


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Stannard Homes

42 Hasler Road
Osborne Park
Tel: (08) 9446 5500
Website: www.stannardhomes.com.au

Latest Project

Stannard Homes gleaned inspiration from a variety of styles, including the classic Australian beach house, the Queenslander, and subtle notes of Victorian-era style, these complementary designs come together to create a breathtaking home of true elegance.