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Reside by LD TOTAL

This modern water-conscious garden perfectly blends with the home’s traditional style. The clients approached Reside by LD TOTAL for a low-maintenance and inviting outdoor space that would complement their new family abode.

Reside by LD TOTAL selected an array of modern, low-maintenance succulents for a green appearance year-round. The classic-style fencing at the front of the property features an automatic sliding gate for easy access, while being cohesive with the old-meets-new aesthetic.

A section of lawn was established by Reside by LD TOTAL to create the perfect child-friendly play area. The company overcame the challenges of the sloping site with retaining walls, which are hidden behind the front fence. By building up the angled outdoor space, the company ensured the entryway is easily accessible.

Reside by LD TOTAL is a team of landscape architects and specialised tradespeople who are bursting with fresh and innovative ideas for vibrant outdoor spaces. The company specialises in residential, multi-residential and built-form projects that require innovative design and a high level of attention to detail.

With more than 20 years of experience sculpting some of Western Australia’s most iconic and beautiful landscapes, Reside by LD TOTAL’s team of industry-leading professionals work closely alongside clients to create tailored outdoor spaces that are unique, inspiring and functional.

Reside by LD TOTAL is dedicated to creating outdoor spaces that not only deliver the ‘wow’ factor but also provide the perfect balance of style and functionality, which will stand up to the practical demands of your lifestyle for years to come. Through its exceptional workmanship, open communication and refined process, the company delivers innovative landscaping solutions are sure to impress.


Reside by LT Total

172 Burswood Road
Tel: (08) 6436 1111
Email: reside@ldtotal.com.au
Website: www.residebyldtotal.com.au