Rapid Renovations

“It’s a great feeling to know that you’ve contributed to helping someone love where they live.  Where there was nothing before, now there’s walls and spaces that are going to make a family’s life better.  Being a part of that is pretty great”.  Josh – Construction Manager

Rapid Renovations is about providing you with what your family needs in the most timely way possible.  The company doesn’t buy into the cookie cutter style of building – Rapid Renovations understands that one size does not fit all.

“We saw a place in the renovation market for people who thought like we did.  We recognized that flexibility and timing are key.  Every client’s situation and every existing home has its differences that require individual attention – the best result can’t just come ‘out of the box’ so to speak.”   Tara – Projects Manager

Both Josh and Tara come with years of experience in building homes for people.  They know all the details that you won’t know, the important things to ensure your renovation meet regulations, is built to a high standard, within your budget and of course on time.

Rapid Renovations is a privately-owned West Australian company.  This is important as it gives the people on the ground, the ability to control the number of jobs it takes on. Rapid Renovations maintains tight control on the quality of its workmanship and make sure the team has the time and energy to devote to client relationships.

Rapid Renovations listens to what you want and how you live.  Rapid Renovations’ satisfaction comes by making your family’s home right for YOU. Rapid Renovations gets as excited about your project as you do!


Rapid Renovations

Tel: (08) 9401 8806
Mobile: 0405 184 325
Email: tara@rapidrenovationsperth.com.au
Website: www.rapidrenovationsperth.com.au