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Outdoor Walls N Floors

Outdoor Walls N Floors is a family owned business established in 1993. Outdoor Walls N Floors services both north and south of Perth with our head office located in Mandurah. Outdoor Walls N Floors also have a display at Home Base in Subiaco. Outdoor Walls N Floors specialise in the supply and installation of aluminium gates, panels, fencing and more .The company’s success is due to its commitment to a few simple principles: Stay true to the customer by providing products that are superior in quality, safety and value. Listen to its customer’s needs and provide unique alternatives that reflect its years of perspective and experience. Recognise that its customers are often educated consumers who have a good idea of what they want, and if the company listens, it will get it right. Understand that the ongoing success of the business is determined by customer satisfaction. Outdoor Walls N Floors takes pride in the fact that the office staff are dedicated to good service, paying attention to every detail of the order process and working within the customer’s schedule. Outdoor Walls N Floors’ installers and servicemen are specialists with multiple skills and talents. Outdoor Walls N Floors only emplosy tradesmen who take pride in their work as they add security and beauty to each home. Outdoor Walls N Floors’ hope is that you will recognise its sincerity and commitment to good service and take the next step to contact us so the company may begin working together to enhance the beauty of your home. Our proven track record, along with an excellent reputation will provide you with outstanding service. Outdoor Walls N Floors manufactures your designs and ideas on our premises.


Outdoor Walls N Floors

22 Rafferty Road
Tel: (08) 9535 7793
Email: info@outdoorwallsnfloors.com.au 
Website: www.outdoorwallsnfloors.com.au