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Bodacious and Kerb-acious

In a city encroaching almost 1 million private dwellings and encompassing a range of styles dating back to the 18th century, designing an exterior façade that is both durable and awe-inspiring can pose a challenge to intrepid homeowners seeking to build or update their humble abodes. Within this article, Emma Warner Allen explores the ways one can create a timeless and spectacular external home design that will attract attention from the kerb.

Image Credit: Home Builders Advantage

Perth boasts an exceptionally eclectic array of houses. With the passage of time, this humble city has seen many architectural styles gain in popularity, only to be replaced by newer, innovative styles. From the classic, quaint federation bungalows to the understated brick veneer homes of the ‘80s, Perth’s homes are constantly evolving.


To keep up with the ever-changing designs, many choose to renovate their homes to update a classic look. When selecting a style, a common pitfall is to only consider the home’s aesthetic appeal; however, it is important to select styles that will also stand the test of time. When addressing a subject matter as fickle as style, achieving an everlasting look required plenty of planning and consideration. Remaining true to stylistic features, such as incorporating natural light into your home and taking into consideration the home’s proportions, is the bet way to ensure that your home ages gracefully as, after all, style is temporary.

Rejecting the modish, geometric builds of this century, designs have been shifting towards forms that incorporate character and personality. Current trends have seen Scandinavian, French Provincial, and Hamptons aesthetics become very popular. As sentimental creatures, one could make a strong case to forgo modern, square forms for romantic, character-filled designs instead.

To design an eye-catching exterior, consider the form and proportions of the building rather than the materials and selections used, no matter how tempting it may be. In doing so, you will tailor a look that suits the home’s established aesthetic by seamlessly fusing old with modern. Therefore, when redesigning your home ensure you adopt a flexible approach by focusing on the home’s features and dimensions rather than directing your efforts towards a particular style.

Image Credit: Home Builders Advantage

However, when faced with a choice, try to glean inspiration from classic styles as these have already proven that they can stand the test of time. When it comes to longevity, in maintenance and aesthetic terms, you can’t beat a brick veneer home. But remember that it is about the form and proportions of the building rather than the materials. That being said, there is a whole new series of new products that are continually improving the building industry and construction methods, so paying some credence to these techniques would be advisable.

Image Credit: Home Builders Advantage


Striking the balance between a beautifully executed exterior and a garish design can be a fine line. When the goal is to create a striking home that looks appealing from the kerb, it is also important to consider the styles of the neighbourhood. Understanding the housing landscape will mean you are better positioned to create a wonderful, captivating exterior that stands out for all the right reasons.

When planning a home, working with a designer is advisable and you will have additional peace of mind knowing designers will not want to create a design that looks unappealing. That being said, they will draw inspiration from the surrounding houses to see what the market wants and what the street’s general aesthetic is. This is particularly important to consider if you are planning on selling your property post-renovations. When designing a show-stopping home, it is best to pull inspiration from your surroundings in order to create an abode that is complementary to the existing streetscape. Implementing and refining features and stylistic elements utilised by the other residences in the vicinity can be an excellent way to create an exterior façade that makes a strong, positive impact. For those working on a smaller budget, something as simple as repainting your exterior can make a strong statement – and bold colours and a great design will help you achieve a stunning home exterior.

Image Credit: Home Builders Advantage


For those after a spectacular exterior design, seeking the advice of an industry professional is paramount. Just like house-hunting, it is crucial to find the right fit – even if that means consulting more than one expert on the matter.

Finding inspiration for your home can be a difficult task. When consulting experts on the matter, this should be a chance for the professionals to flaunt their knowledge, provide you with ideas, and encourage an open discussion in order to identify your needs and stylistic preferences. Additionally, it is best to supplement this with your own research. Entering into a meeting with a rough idea of what you would like to achieve is helpful as it allows the experts to suggest alternative designs and ideas that are on par with the information already provided. It pays to keep in mind that the designers will have a better understanding of what is feasible and so it always best to approach these meetings with an open mind.

When you are planning your dream home, take the time to consolidate your thoughts so that you have a clear vision and ask around to get the best advice and craftsmen available to execute your vision. Ultimately, good design takes time and thrives on a good connection between yourself and the designer. Simply by following professional advice and with a bit of careful planning for good measure, you should be well on your way to creating a magnificent and everlasting façade.

Image Credit: Home Builders Advantage
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