Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke Furniture Gallery specialises in using beautiful Australian timbers to create contemporary furniture built in Western Australia. The company provides excellent customer service and unique products that are made to the highest local manufacturing standards.

Only the best quality hardwoods, cutting-edge machinery, and the latest in German hardware are used to create Bespoke Furniture Gallery’s made-to-measure furniture. The company can work with you to realise your vision for a contemporary, functional product.

Bespoke Furniture Gallery can design a variety of furniture pieces, including wall units, dining tables and chairs, beds, television lowlines, console tables, and coffee tables. Using hardwoods including jarrah, marri, walnut, Victorian ash, Western Australian blackbutt, recycled Baltic, and oak, Bespoke Furniture Gallery can create a timeless piece to suit your home. The company can also incorporate LED lighting into its wall units and cabinetry.

Adam and Letitia Watkins started Bespoke Furniture Gallery in May 2013. Adam has grown up in the furniture industry and has extensive experience working with local manufacturers. Adam designs most of Bespoke Furniture Gallery’s products and works closely with the manufacturers to ensure style and functionality.

With a combined 20 years of experience in the furniture industry, Adam and Letitia offer a wealth of knowledge to provide the highest quality, European-inspired Western Australian furniture.

Bespoke Furniture Gallery’s showroom displays excellent craftsmanship and is an example of what the company can do to realise its customers’ visions. When you purchase a piece of Bespoke Furniture Gallery’s furniture, you are supporting a family business and making an investment in the Western Australian timber and manufacturing industry.

Bespoke Furniture Gallery is a member of the Western Australian Furniture Manufacturers Association (WAFMA).