Bamboozle, Perth’s leading bamboo flooring provider, has introduced a new range of wider 140mm boards in stunning colours to enrich your home.

Bamboozle is the sole supplier of the Bamwood range – beautiful bamboo flooring that looks like wood and is 70 per cent harder than jarrah. It is also tough enough to resist stiletto heels, football boots, and boisterous family gatherings complete with frolicking children.

Breathtakingly beautiful bamboo flooring has a natural flow that brings a feeling of warmth to any room. Thanks to its unique grain, bamboo flooring has exquisite detail and character that adds instant value to a home. Bamboozle floors are manufactured to perfectly suit Australian conditions and are guaranteed not to warp, cup, crack, or split.

Bamboo flooring has excellent colour consistency and is easy to clean. Bamboo plants grow quickly, making bamboo flooring a very environmentally-friendly choice.

Bamboozle has its own craftsmen who install each floor to exact standards of fit, finish, and appearance. Because the product is hand-crafted, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Bamboozle is a family business and has a complete, long-term commitment to customer satisfaction. This is confirmed by the large number of people who recommend their friends to use Bamboozle for their home.

Since its entry into the market in 2002, Bamboozle has won numerous awards, including winning at the Australian Business Awards in 2009. The company has also been the runner-up for the Telstra Business Awards’ Family Business of the Year.