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A Thing Like That

As the old saying goes, it’s the little things in life that can bring us the most joy. From the decorative objects we display in our abodes to express our individuality, to the comfy seating we melt into after a long day, it’s items such as these that can tie an entire room together, and turn a house into a home.

By Jacqueline Maya.

Image Credit: Revell Landscaping

Let The Be Light

Though Thomas Edison is commonly credited for inventing the light bulb, the famous American inventor wasn’t the only one who contributed to the development of this ground-breaking technology. In fact, there were many other notable figures who made significant discoveries in lighting technologies prior to Edison, including Italian physicist Alessandro Volta, inventor and chemist Sir Joseph Swan, and English inventor Sir Humphry Davy, who produced the world’s first electric arc lamp in the early 1800s. Over the decades these inventors continued to fine-tune their projects respectively, however it was Edison who revolutionised the electrical game in 1878, creating a long-lasting incandescent lamp using a carbon filament or strip which was coiled and connected to metal contact wires.

In the past, electric lamps were predominantly used for completing duties around the home and enjoying leisurely activities such as reading and writing. However, the lamp has come a long way since then, and is now admired for more than its ability to light up our homes. Due to its potential to enhance our homes aesthetic, it’s design has also sparked our creative interest, and set our hearts alight.

Interior lighting is an extremely important consideration for every room of the home as it can affect the mood, functionality and perceived size of your space. With lighting choices expanding exponentially, homeowners can select from a wide range of light bulbs, pendant lighting and statement lamps to illuminate their abodes. Decorative or accent lighting will not only lighten up your living spaces, but it can also act as a centrepiece and add visual interest. With their modern-industrial style, globe-exposed styles are becoming increasingly popular, while elegant Art Deco designs are continuing to flourish due to their bold geometric character.

No matter the style you choose, adding a chic table lamp in your entryway or a feature lamp in your living room can make all the difference in keeping your home in the spotlight!

Whitman Desk Lamp, Montauk Lighting

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Honey Wall Light, Coco Flip

⇑ Honey Wall Light, RRP $891,

Cockatoo with Yellow Crest Lamp Studio Australia

⇑ Cockatoo with Yellow Crest Lamp, RRP $340,

Mini Ostrich Feather Lamp with Silver Base in Coral Sweet Pea & Willow

⇑ Mini Ostrich Feather Lamp with Silver Base in Coral, RRP $3495.15,

Marine Nautical Searchlight Tripod Floor Lamp Zanui

⇑ Marine Nautical Searchlight Tripod Floor Lamp, RRP $369,

Haines 1 Light Floor Lamp in Ash/White Beacon Lighting

⇑ Haines 1 Light Floor Lamp in Ash/White, RRP $329,

Soak It Up

Is there anything more relaxing than taking a long hot bath in the evening, with a glass of red and a good book in hand? In our technology-driven society, the pressures of our daily routine can be exhausting. With this in mind, homeowners are seeking ways to turn their bathrooms into spalike sanctuaries where they can take a soothing soak and expel the stress of the day.

For centuries, bathing in water was often a ritualistic activity among many different cultures, and was practiced for hygienic and therapeutic purposes. Copper water pipes dating back almost 6000 years ago have been found in India, and are believed to serve the purpose of personal bathing in the Indus Valley civilisation. However, origins of the personal bathtub can be traced to the Grecian island of Crete in 1700BC, specifically within the Palace of Knossos, in the form of a five-foot-long pedestal tub made from hardened pottery. While the act of bathing has been around since the beginning of time, the world’s first modern bathtub is said to have been invented in in 1883 by John Michael Kohler of America, who added four decorative feet to the bottom of an enamel-covered, cast-iron horse trough.

Though still considered a luxury by many, bathtubs have now become a staple in the modern household. While Japanese-style soaking tubs are becoming increasingly trendy, many homeowners are returning to the elegant pure-white claw foot bathtub, made popular in the 19th century. With home renovations on the rise, retro built-in bathtubs are now commonly replaced with eye-catching freestanding alternatives. Modern bathtubs can be made of a number of different materials, including lightweight acrylic, porcelain-enamelled steel, and sturdy stone. Wooden bathtubs are also gaining popularity, however, be sure to speak with a qualified professional if you are considering this option, as special plumbing may be required.

Whether you’re renovating an existing home or building one from scratch, including a bathtub into your bathroom’s design will not only help to increase your home’s value, but it will also provide you with a luxurious space to let the everyday troubles of life simply wash away.

No room in the modern home is built for purely utilitarian purposes; instead our abodes have come to comprise multiple places in which to indulge, revamp and experiment. While small fixtures or knick-knacks may seem insignificant, in reality, it’s the finishing touches like these that often help us to create a home that is functional, stylish and inimitably us.

Rouen 180cm Bath in Copper Schots

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Roxburgh Freestanding Bath in Light Pink Vandabaths

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Pescadero Freestanding Bath in Salmon Orange Vandabaths

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Harrow Freestanding Acrylic Bath in White Schots Emporium

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Mamo Living Atollo Juparana Bath Candana

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Mamo Living Atollo Travertine Bath Candana

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