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Traditionally, a building broker can be described as a liaison between the homeowner and builder, working as an agent for the homeowner to monitor their budget, wants and needs, and communicate this with the builder. Dubbed Perth’s biggest building broker, Home Builders Advantage (HBA) continues to guide homeowners across the city in bringing their dream homes to life. With this in mind, Western Australia Home Design + Living seeks answers from HBA owners and industry professionals, Paul Cheverall and Richard McHenry, and gains their thoughts on the benefits of the humble building broker.

Image Credit: Home Builders Advantage

With a multitude of decisions to make when building a new home, it’s only natural that some homeowners may feel lost or unsure of where to even begin. Cue Home Builders Advantage! During this question time with the team behind Home Builders Advantage, Western Australia Home Design + Living gets the low-down on just how this evolutionary business came to be, and how its plentiful benefits are necessary for your next build.

Can you tell our readers a bit about how your experience in the industry?
PC and RM: We have more than 30 years’ experience each in building and renovating new homes.

Image Credit: Home Builders Advantage
Image Credit: Home Builders Advantage

What sets Home Builders advantage apart from other building companies?
HBA offers highly energy-efficient homes as ‘standard built’ using a unique fast track construction process with single storey homes finished within 20 weeks.

Can you tell us about the launch of Home Builders Advantage Construction?
Both of us are highly experienced builders who have operated as brokers for many years, however in 2020, following the impact of COVID-19, we chose to launch a new building company to ensure that our clients from the building broker business would not be at risk from the effects of the pandemic on our industry.

Can you run us through your services?
Our services include custom-designed single- and double-storey homes as new build projects, as well as the renovation of existing homes.

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In which suburbs or areas does the new building company operate?
The Perth Metropolitan area.

How will your new building company provide a point-of-difference for customers, compared to other companies?
We have a completely in-house team including architects, engineers, a quantity surveyor and directly employed trades, which enable us to complete homes faster than any other builder. HBA actually guarantees to beat any equivalent quote from any builder in Perth!

How does the new building company work in conjunction with Home Builders Advantage?
The building company provides a seamless transition for clients from the broker, should the client wish to build highly energy-efficient, lightweight construction homes.

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What have been the highlights of launching and running this new company?
We’ve discovered that other builders in Western Australia are not embracing modern construction techniques common all over the world. This enables HBA to offer clients 21st century methods, speed and cost efficiency not seen in Perth before.

Have you had to overcome any specific challenges?
Our challenges would be overcoming the resistance engrained in people’s minds as to the benefits of using modern techniques. However, once clients and trades precisely see the benefits of our process and the huge energy savings – eight-star typically rated – in HBA’s unique finished homes, we’re sure they’ll be on board!

What are your top three tips for people looking to have their home custom built and designed?
Listen to the experts on our team, build to your budget and choose Home Builders Advantage!

What qualities and skills should homeowners look for in a building company, and why?
Make sure that trades and experts are all in-house and that the builder does not rely on outside contractors all the time. They are often untried and untested and the choice of them is only ever driven by price, not quality.

Make sure that you have access to the business owners at all times, this being proof that they back their product one hundred percent. Beware of vague and voluminous documentation, and stick with a builder who is clear and precise about inclusions and agrees a margin for any changes that they can charge.

And finally can you tell our readers what your vision is for Home Builders Advantage in the future?
HBA want to be the leader of a new move to client-focused home building, producing energy-efficient solar-passive homes. HBA offers the fastest possible delivery of a new home. Our unique process provides high-quality homes exceeding Australian general building codes. HBA not only guarantees to beat any equivalent price, we also guarantee to complete the project before the contracted date.

Image Credit: Home Builders Advantage
Images courtesy of Home Builders Advantage