Vision Fencing

Vision Fencing is Perth’s largest fencing wholesaler, carrying an extensive range of glass components suitable for pool fencing and glass balustrading systems. the company stocks a range of toughened glass panels in varying shapes and sizes, as well as commercial quantities of powder-coated posts for semi-frameless glass systems.

The wholesaler stocks both fully-frameless and semi-frameless glass systems. Fully-frameless glass systems involve anchor spigots being grouted into core-drilled holes in the ground. these spigots have specially designed clamps, where sheets of glass are lowered then clamped into position and adjusted.

Semi-frameless glass systems allow aluminium or stainless steel posts to be concreted into core-drilled holes in the ground. the aluminium posts have specially designed channels in them, which sheets of glass are fitted into and then glazed to hold them in position. the stainless steel post uses a diaphragm clamp system to hold the glass in place.

Vision Fencing prides itself on providing high-quality products, competitive prices and unparalleled service. the company pays more for goods to ensure only the highest standard is delivered to its customers. the products are engineer-designed in collaboration with end users to ensure that the quality and design of the products exceeds expectations. it also holds one of the widest ranges of accessories to give you the best choice on quality products.

If you are looking to install your own fence, Vision Fencing is able to walk you through the process from concept to design and installation. if you are looking for a fully installed solution, the team can arrange that as well.