Outside In

Outside In is a multi-award-winning landscape design company based in Perth. Founded by Denise Staffa in 2004, it is now one of the most successful design and construction companies in Western Australia.

The company embraces the whole composition of outdoor spaces, and offers functional and inspiring landscape solutions for both residential and commercial areas. The company’s vision is to capture natural elements wherever possible, preferring to use natural materials to enhance depth and timeless appeal.

Outside In’s landscape designers meticulously selects the best outdoor materials and colours to transform your living area into an oasis of pure tranquil and bliss. Their projects are envisioned and implemented through primary landscape design principles of; practicality, functionality, environmental sustainability and inspiring designs.

The team is dedicated to the cohabitation of indoor and outdoor spaces, and believes it is essential that people can connect to nature in their everyday environment. Outside In implements this by offering innovative ideas to create outdoor living areas that are as beautiful, comfortable and functional as possible.