For more than 30 years, the Lightingales name has been associated with both luxurious and practical lighting designs.

The company’s product range is highly sought-after by interior designers and builders to complement the homes they present to their clients.

Quality lighting can change the mood of a room, create ambience and brighten workspaces. No matter what your individual needs are, Lightingales will have the answer. With a huge range of traditional, modern, oriental, shabby chic, leadlights, chandeliers, outdoor lights, pendants, wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps and an increasing range of LED styles to choose from, you are sure to find just the right look for your home that will unleash your creative spirit.

Lightingales believes that LED (light emitting diode) products are the obvious choice if you’re building today to meet new regulations for energy-efficient homes. There are wonderful new products available including recessed downlights, modern dimmable oysters, pendants, exteriors, replacement lamps to retrofit existing downlights, and even candle globes for chandeliers.

A new generation of lighting technology, the application of LED into everyday commercial and residential lighting provides benefits and answers to many problems with other electric lighting sources. This includes safety benefits, as well as environmentally-friendly and money-saving properties.

Unlike most lighting companies, Lightingales offers separate bases and shades, so you can mix and match, choose to recover your own shade, or have your design made to order in your own chosen fabric to match your décor.

The company also supplies a wide range of shades, which are sold separately.

For assistance in sourcing and selecting the right look for your home, take your plans into Lightingales for a free consultation to choose your lighting. Contact the team at Lightingales in Claremont today or visit the company’s website.