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Leslies Curtains and Blinds

Celebrating 50 years of excellence in providing high-end window treatments for numerous homes throughout metropolitan and regional Western Australia, Leslies Curtains and Blinds continue to deliver expertise and precision with its expansive product offering.

Since 1965, the company has been committed to providing each client with custom designed window treatments that perfectly suit their individual taste and style. The extensive range of fabrics that Leslies Curtains and Blinds source from a worldwide network of top suppliers means every client can find the perfect finish to complement their home.  In order to provide you with unique window treatments, Leslies Curtains and Blinds have fostered partnerships with the finest curtain, blind and shutter manufacturers Australia-wide.

The company is a gold class Somfy dealer that specialises in the motorisation of blind and curtain tracks. Leslies Curtains and Blinds not only provides individuals with high-quality soft furnishings, but also works in conjunction with architects and project builders, ensuring that the needs of every client is met.

The broad range of window treatments at Leslies Curtains and Blinds not only provide privacy, but also contribute to the thermal control of your home. The blockout fabrics used in both the company’s curtains and blinds will shield your home from the heat in summer, and retain the warmth during winter, which is the ideal energy-saving solution for the harsh Australian climate.

Whether windows are an irregular shape or very large, the experienced and innovative staff at Leslies Curtains and Blinds will be sure to help you overcome any challenges, and will work closely with you in order to find a solution that will satisfy both the aesthetic and functional requirements of your home.

Committed to selling products that reduce environmental impact in both their construction and use, the friendly consultants at Leslies Curtains and Blinds have the knowledge and professionalism to assist you in finding the indoor or outdoor window treatments that will add value to your most important investment – your home!


Leslies Curtains and Blinds

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Images courtesy of Basford Brands and Somfy