Leatherhouse + Home

Leatherhouse and Home is a company that provides stunning, custom-made furniture, as well as providing an interior design service by expert designer, Cheryl Cace. Using only the best quality leather with Jarrah framing, you can expect your new sofa or chair from Leatherhouse and Home to last between 15 and 25 years!

The company prides itself on its exceptional service and offers home visits and consultations, so that you get practical and sound advice for all your furniture and interior design needs. When designing your furniture, only premium components are used, ensuring it will continue to look good for years to come.

Most custom-made furniture takes between eight and 20 weeks to deliver, however because Leatherhouse and Home works with builders within Western Australia, you can expect delivery within just six weeks. Leatherhouse and Home works very closely with its manufacturers and suppliers so your needs are prioritised.

Apart from the large range of luxurious furniture solutions available at Leatherhouse and Home, the company also specialises in fireplaces. You can choose from firebox inserts for built-in, custom designs, as well as hand-crafted, freestanding pieces of ‘fire furniture’. These are all ventless, open fireplaces that are environmentally-friendly and feature unique designs. The fireplaces are fuelled by ethanol so that there is no smoke or harmful emissions. This also means that there is no need for a flue or a chimney, so that all the heat produced stays in the room.

Leatherhouse and Home was started in 1983 under the name Graham’s Leatherhouse. Over this time, the quality of the product is still the best. Leatherhouse and Home has serviced homes as far as Broome, Esperance and Kalgoorlie and will also come to you.

Interior designer Cheryl Cace will professionally design the interior of your home to provide a sophisticated and elegant blend of colours, finishes and textures. Your home can truly become an individual showcase of beauty and style, styled in any theme of your choice. Talk to Cheryl about the company’s interior design service, and full project management expertise.