Jade Projects

Jade Projects was started in 2004 by current directors Jason Janssen and Daniel Smee, who believe that if you are going to build a longstanding home, it should be built properly and designed sustainably.

A company premised on sustainable building practices, Jade Projects provides a full design and construct service to ensure that each home is built specifically to meet each client’s requirements and budget, while achieving the best possible energy and water efficiencies. The staff are qualified in BERS, AccuRate, First Rate, NABERS and are Greenstar accredited, so they can cope with any challenge that is thrown at them.

If a home is not designed properly it will be more expensive to operate as energy and water prices continue to increase. It is therefore important to build and design your home so that is warmer in winter and cooler in summer, meaning your energy bills will be kept to a minimum. The team at Jade Projects starts by looking at the design of the home and then the site orientation and conditions, to ensure that each design achieves the highest possible energy rating and is thoughtfully planned and functional.

The company has constructed homes with energy efficiency ratings of up to 9 stars for residential clients and has also constructed its own commercial office, which was designed to achieve between a 5-and 6-star NABERS Rating – the maximum rating currently available for a commercial building. It has also been independently assessed as ‘Beyond Carbon Neutral’, due to it producing 119 per cent of the energy required to operate the building, while having a water reduction of 76 per cent compared to a similar building.

Jade Projects primarily works within the metro area, however the company’s consultancy work has been undertaken throughout Australia. Building between 30 and 40 homes and units a year, Jade Projects also undertakes around 2000 energy assessments annually, which is why it is one of the largest energy consultancy companies in WA, and one of Australia’s most awarded sustainable builders.