Ironwood Design Studio

Ironwood Design studio is a boutique steel and timber design studio based in Perth. the company is a labour of love for founder gino Fanchetti who, despite his life-long love of timber and steel, found himself working first as a plumber and then a truck driver. It took him 27 years to follow his passion, and following an overwhelming desire for change, Ironwood Design studio was born.

Fanchetti is completely self-taught and it is his passion for timber and steel that fuels his creative designs. Ironwood Design studio specialises in the design of bespoke furniture pieces including tables, benches, wine-racks and artwork.

As part of its latest venture, Ironwood Design studio has extended into the design of landscape sculptures, and Fanchetti can also create additional pieces to match your furniture.

The Ironwood philosophy is to create, design and make pieces with as much manual manipulation and craftsmanship as possible, and in turn, little mechanical intervention. Ironwood Design studio is not about churning out a high volume of identical pieces and it is most certainly not a production line.

Fanchetti takes pride in creating uniquely individual pieces every time, and each piece is handcrafted in his home studio. If heaven were a place on earth, for Fanchetti, it would look exactly like his workshop.

A proud WA native, Fanchetti makes it his duty to use as many locally sourced products in his work as possible – everything from the timber, steel and even the finishes. Fanchetti cites ‘love, passion, soul and good old sweat and tears’ as the other essential elements in the creation of his designs.

With the ability to manufacture to clients’ needs, Ironwood Design studio can cater for both the home and garden, as well as commercial projects. Clients can rest assured that they are getting something special if it’s handmade by Ironwood Design studio.