HS Reflections

Earmarked in history is the invention of the light bulb. Since that date designers and engineers have refined this exceptional invention until it became the embodiment of beauty and elegance that it is today.

Lighting has a great impact on the overall design of a home, so it is important to choose a style of light that reflects the beauty and ambience of the home. HS Reflections recognises the importance of striking lighting in modern design, and offers a comprehensive range of exceptional lighting to brighten any room.

HS Reflections is one of the most prestigious lighting suppliers in Western Australia. Varying from the elaborate and opulent to the minimal and sleek, the range echoes the many facets of interior design, and is as affordable as it is stunning. HS Reflections travels the world to source gorgeous products from exotic locations. This allows the company to maintain affordable products without compromising on style or quality, while bringing cutting-edge designs to the Western Australian market.

From crystal adornments to minimalist and modern lighting, HS Reflections’ range encompasses all design styles to offer luxury to suit all individual tastes that will fit in with any room.

High-end, high-quality fittings for all rooms make up HS Reflections’ product portfolio and clients can expect to find downlights, star lights, bulkhead lighting, cabinet and splashback lighting. The friendly and helpful staff at HS Reflections is passionate about providing simple lighting solutions that look anything but basic. The team relishes the opportunity to share with you their expert knowledge to ensure you receive sophisticated lighting features with a modern edge and the best customer care.

The company has vast experience supplying exceptional lighting to both commercial and residential projects and the results are always impressive.