Enviroflames is Australia’s exclusive distributor and retailer of Planika ethanol fireplaces.

Planika fires are the environmentally-friendly, smokeless and bio-alcohol based fires that are disrupting the industry. With a combination of modern yet elegant designs and advanced technology, Planika can be implemented in both private and commercial spaces as well as indoors and outdoors.

The Fire Line Automatic uses a patented and innovative fuel combustion technology, making it much cleaner than the traditional burning process. thanks to this advanced technology, a real fire without smoke, ash or smell can be achieved at the push of a button.

Chimneys and hard connections are not required as Planika fireplaces do not emit any carbon dioxide, making them entirely eco-friendly. enviroflames offers real fireplace alternatives that are not only safe and stylish, but efficient and low cost to run. For more information, head to www.facebook.com/enviroflames