City Lifts

The hottest new trend for contemporary homes is the installment of a sleek and stylish lift, to make multi-storey living that little bit easier and more efficient. City Lifts has been at the forefront of the industry, installing modern lifts within the residential and commercial sector in Perth for more than eight years now, and continues to maintain an excellent reputation.

Popular for two-storey homes or larger, City Lifts sources the best available products and recommends the most cost-effective and desirable outcome for each client. Highly professional, the company boasts fantastic customer service and competitive prices.

Started by current director Grainge Ryall, the state-of-the arts lifts, such as those featured here, feature a specialised, integrated LCD monitor for ease of use, and can be customised to suit the style of your interior, for a seamless look.

Specialising in the design and manufacturing process, the company also works closely with architects and interior designers in all aspects of lift construction, modernisation and maintenance.

Even though the company is associated with four other lift companies that are based in Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania, City Lifts tries to steer away from being labelled a multinational company aiming to keep all services personal and for each member of the staff to remain down-to-earth when dealing with customers.

Because of this, each client has commented on, and appreciated the fact that they are always able to deal directly with Grainge and other management staff with no fuss or delays.

And when the company promises no delays, it certainly means it. City Lifts offers a reliable, 24-hour maintenance service after your lift is installed, so you can rely on the knowledgeable staff to ensure your lift runs smoothly.

The team at City Lifts is committed to environmental sustainability and can modernise your lift to run off regenerative power. No job is too great or small, so for a quality, mechanical and visually enhancing lift, choose City Lifts to add value and appeal to the interior of your home.