Busatti Perth

Want to shop Italy without leaving the city? Step into a world of textural beauty at linen specialist Busatti Perth, where everyday luxury is not only the product offering, but also an ethos for living life with passion and practicality.

Busatti Perth is a mecca for linen lovers. Home to the famous Italian linen produced since 1842 by the Busatti- Sassolini family, it’s a store that has based its reputation on integrity and passion. It’s this passion for design and integrity of weave that morphs quality flax into world-leading designs, spanning the contemporary, traditional, quirky, provincial, tribal and even Hamptons.

Fremantle friends and Italofiles Chris Bennett, Helen Owenell and Suzanne Willing are the trio who joined forces to bring this fabric to Perth. Falling in love with the philosophy and product of Busatti, they launched the store in 2011. Since then the trio has expanded the range to not only supply from-the-roll fabrics to homeowners and industry, but also craft ready-made linens and create custom pieces for clients wanting something bespoke.

In addition to this world-leading range, the Busatti Perth team has honed its eye on quality local and international pieces for the home that share in the Busatti philosophy of quality, style and timeless appeal. Find one-off handcrafted jackets, soaps, baskets, books, shoes and much more in this mecca for lovers of beautiful things.