Flandersstone is one of Perth’s leading stone suppliers and specialises in a range of natural european building stone, including quality York stone Flagging. the company’s team of highly-skilled stonemasons can also assist with any minor architectural projects, such as stone fireplaces or decorative home accents.

The company sources all of its quality materials from local and international quarries and works hard to ensure the stone’s original features are maintained. Flandersstone combines superior craftsmanship with an excellent eye for detail to ensure each project is completed to the highest possible standards. the company completes a range of custom stone projects for discerning clientele, as well as a selection of Perth’s best builders and architects.

Flandersstone’s philosophy is to offer a professional and reliable service that delivers a high-quality, traditional product.

With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, Jim Flanders from Flandersstone expertly guides his clients through each project, from showroom selection to completion.

The company’s comprehensive showroom in Joondalup is open from 9am-12pm on saturdays and displays a variety of unique show panels, which are not available anywhere else in Perth.

Flandersstone also supplies custom-made marble and stone mantels and fireplaces. the available styles reflect a range of historical periods, including the reign of French Louis V and the Victorian era, as well as baroque and contemporary-chic styles.

If there is one thing Flandersstone knows, it’s stone.