DV8 Design

Dv8 Design specialises in creating unique and individual pieces with widespread market appeal. Sourcing textured and coloured glass from all around the globe ensures that every product is entirely original and different from the mainstream.

The company’s patented individual style is evident in this project, through the use of Egyptian faces and vivid coloured glass that borders the mirrors. The intended effect is to draw the eye to the varying degree of visual effects that the glass radiates.

Diamond-shaped mosaics are used to create a feature in every room, and the use of bold colour and hand-made Egyptian faces in the artwork demands attention. The products are perfect to add individual style to any house, apartment or of ce.

What started out as a vision some years ago has now turned into passion and dedication to delivering original, hand- made pieces that cater to all sectors of the marketplace.

Dv8 Design has had an overwhelming positive response to its design style from clients over the past two years, urging the team to keep pushing the boundaries in order to create work that is unparalleled. Intricate detailing is at the cornerstone of everything Dv8 Design delivers, so it’s no wonder the pieces have the ability to intrigue the owner for years to come.

More pieces are added to the collection regularly, so if you dare to be different be sure to take a journey through the Dv8 Design gallery.