Chris Savage Architectural Mouldings

For generations, wainscoting – the inner wooden covering on a wall – has created a subtle impression of wealth and prestige. It transforms any room into one that expresses class and opulence, while also increasing a property’s value.

In the past, the cost of achieving this effect was exorbitant, as designing and installing wainscoting was a lengthy process. Now, thanks to an innovative new system, this effect can once again be used to instate grace and elegance in formal rooms.

The panels are manufactured in one complete sheet with the handrail and skirting already included. Difficult internal and external miter joints are also pre-cast into the product, leaving only simple straight joins.

The secret to this product’s success is that the size and number of recesses are custom built to the length of each wall to ensure they always fit perfectly. The spacing can be individually adjusted to prevent congestion. This product doesn’t require any maintenance, as the material doesn’t expand, shrink or crack.

The Glenstone face provides an ultra-hard surface, and is protected from chips and knocks, which makes it perfect for families with children. Ideal for high-traffic areas, Glenstone is water-resistant, so the panels are suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms and can be used as an alternative to tiles.

As the cast is supplied in one piece, preparing the panelling for painting is easy. All you have to do is seal and paint – no filling of cracks required!