Bristile Roofing

The Bristile Roofing name has been proud to serve the Australian market for more than three quarters of a century. One of the world’s oldest building materials, clay has been used on roofs for centuries, and with good reason. With today’s technology and innovation, Bristile Roofing can bring you the benefits of clay tiles at an affordable price.

Clay tiles are kiln-fired at extremely high temperatures to lock in the colour, ensuring the tiles will never fade, rust or corrode over time like other roofing materials.

Bristile Roofing customers are able to choose from a vast array of fashionable colours, taking comfort in the knowledge that they will never have to re-coat the tiles. Your roof will continue to look as good as the day it was installed, many years into the future. The durable, low-maintenance qualities of clay tiles mean they are particularly suited to coastal areas because they are salt-safe.

Bristile Roofing’s clay tiles are also a natural year-round insulator. The cost of heating and cooling an average Australian house continues to rise and is a major component of any household energy bill. The thermal mass of clay tiles makes them natural insulators, helping to keep the house cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

The same mass that contributes to the thermal performance also provides superior sound insulation to reduce unwanted noise from the outside world.

As terracotta tiles are made from naturally-occurring clays, there is no toxic waste that might find its way back into the environment. They are also easily recycled at the end of a very long life.

The tiles also come with the security of being rainwater-safe. Civilisations have been collecting and storing water in terracotta for thousands of years. The naturally-occurring clays used to produce a terracotta tile mean the water collected from the roof is safe and clean to drink. In a drying climate where rainwater tanks are becoming compulsory in many parts of Australia, a clay-tiled roof is the natural choice. This is backed by dynamic weather resistance. A unique interlocking system to both the head and sides of each clay tile, provides greater protection from the harshest wind and rain.

The safe, long-lasting nature and qualities of clay tiles will add to the resale value of any home. When it comes time to sell, the homeowner won’t need to worry about expensive roof restoration work to make the house look presentable again. The roof will continue to look as good as it did on the day it was ins talled.

With first-class service, expert advice, and an ever-expanding range of roof tiles, Bristile Roofing will add that unique finishing touch your home deserves.