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Image Credit: Revell Landscaping

Feature This


Whether you want to make a statement or just enhance a certain area of your home, a feature wall is a great way to pull focus in a room. A feature wall is a decorator’s best friend – it’s a great way to give your home a budget-friendly mini makeover that can easily be altered to reflect your changing tastes and personality. Bojana Lazarevska lists some tips to help you pick out your favourite feature.

When embarking on your feature wall quest, the first thing you should consider is whether you’re going to make a wall of patterns or prints, or if you want to keep it minimalistic and stick to one colour. If you’re an adventurous homeowner or a lover of art, then don’t be afraid to turn your wall into a masterpiece. A plain wall can quickly become a painting by using a mix of colours or an intricate pattern. For those who want to dip their toe into the trend but aren’t ready to go all out yet, a blockcoloured wall will nicely break up the monotony of your home and instantly add interest to an open-plan layout.


An accent wall is perfect for breaking up large rooms, and will work particularly well in bedrooms and living rooms. The head of the bed tends to be its own feature, so using colour on this wall will add to its impact. Likewise, your living area is the space where you’re likely to do the majority of your entertaining, so a boldly coloured wall will go a long way in wow-ing your guests. Deciding on the right colour can be difficult. If the rest of your home features primarily muted colours, such as concrete or brown, then your feature wall can simply be a variation of one of your dominant colours – for example, a dark grey wall in a lounge room or bedroom full of light grey tones will work beautifully! If your home is primarily white or beige, then don’t be afraid to liven it up with a daring colour, such as red, blue or citrus yellow. Look out for pops of colour you may have already used in your furnishings (such as

cushions, rugs or throws), and make your decision based on those. Colour has a big impact on our mood, so choose wisely! Here is a simple colour guide to make your decision a little bit easier:


Symbolising tranquillity and peace, the colour blue encourages calmness and serenity. This is a great colour to use in your bedroom and kitchen, or any space where you feel you may need a little touch of zen.


Similarly to blue, green is a peaceful colour and most often represents balance and growth. It is regularly associated with nature and health, and can provide a refreshing atmosphere in most rooms of the home. Pastel green shades, such as mint, work well in the kitchen, whereas teal and viridian look amazing in the bathroom and anywhere plants reside.


The colour of passion, love and strength, this shade is sure to turn heads! Not only is it incredibly impactful, but a red wall can provide a
cosy, warming element to your room, especially if it’s used in a deeper tone – think burgundy or maroon. Spice things up with a red accent wall in your bedroom or a red splashback in the kitchen.


Yellow encourages happiness, joy, intellect and energy. Add some zest to your life and try out a

refreshing lemon shade in the kitchen. A pineapple or canary tone encourages optimism and cheerfulness, and would be a great addition to a child’s bedroom wall.

Grey, Black or Near-Black

These bold hues are sure to make a sophisticated statement in any home, especially when used in the living room or bathroom. Grey symbolises maturity, and black or navy will make any space look chic. These colours are best reserved for modern homes and those with
contemporary furnishings.


An instant fix to a bland room, an artful wall will add drama and turn even the smallest room into one you would proudly show off to your guests. Wallpaper is the easiest way to introduce a pattern or picture to your wall and, as an added bonus, it’s incredibly durable and usually lasts 10–15 years.

Work Your Walls

Colourful wallpaper can completely change the layout of your room. Not only does it hide and disguise imperfections, it can also manipulate the sense of space to make your room appear larger. Available in plenty of pattern and colour options, wallpaper can add warmth, depth, character and beauty to your home. Patterns can enhance certain architectural elements, whereas modern geometric shapes will add another dimension to spaces like the kitchen or bathroom.

Location, Location, Location

If you’re stressing about where your wallpaper should go, remember there are no rules when it comes to highlighting certain areas of your home. Be open-minded and try to use your wallpaper in unexpected places, such as the ceiling, wardrobe, cabinetry, laundry and even hallways! A little burst of colour or a pattern will bring your home to life, and you don’t need to commit to an entire wall if you’re unsure. Adding some detail to your splashback will work just as well, as will a wallpapered bedhead. Keep in mind that wallpaper is easy to remove, particularly if primer has been used on the wall beforehand, so it’s easy to change the look of your space along with your ever-evolving tastes.


Mix-and-match wall patterns, textures and materials for added oomph in your home. Details can make all the difference; floor-toceiling  wainscoting on one wall, in a different shade than the rest of the home, will add highend sophistication without being over-the-top. On the other hand, a vertical garden wall is far from subtle, but would make a fantastic natureinspired feature in your bathroom. Other textured materials to consider are tiles (which can also be arranged in a number of patterns), mosaics, timber and fabric. Fabric can be used in a similar way to wallpaper, and when used in the bedroom, can also double-up as a bedhead. An accent wall can be as big or as restrained as you want it – it’s all about your personal taste. If you take this approach, however, it’s important to really commit to it and make your room stand out. It’s easy to paint over a wall or change wallpaper, so have some fun with it and try out different styles to see which works best for you!