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Solar Dwellings specialises in the design of modern, climate-sensitive and passive-solar smart homes. the company offers a range of services, from creating individually tailored designs to undertaking site assessments.

Solar Dwellings provides a variety of sustainable living solutions to its clients using a combination of universal- access, low-allergen and smart-home design principles. the company also offers water-wise solutions, including the installation of rainwater harvesting systems, aerobic sewerage and waterless urinals, as well as grey-water recycling systems. non-chemical termite prevention and active solar design – such as photovoltaic power generation and solar water heating – can be easily incorporated into the design of your home.

Choosing a Solar Dwellings home will not only make a difference to the environment, but will reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint. You’ll save on heating and air-conditioning costs, while lowering your water usage. the company can also specify building materials with low embodied energy and low environmental impact, which gives you peace of mind that your home is eco-friendly in its construction and operation.

Established in 1991 by griff Morris, Solar Dwellings is Western australia’s leading company in passive solar design. Over the years, the company has won more than 50 awards for its sustainable homes and talented designers.

Solar Dwellings oversees more than 30 ongoing projects at any given time, which demonstrates how committed the company is to forging strong relationships with its clients.

Solar Dwellings is extremely passionate about providing quality education to the building industry and broader community. the company’s founder regularly holds master classes, which teaches attendees how to design a home in a way that will reduce the consumption of electricity and water. Solar Dwellings also hosts an annual bus tour for Sustainable House Day, where participants visit some of australia’s most environmentally progressive homes.

Primarily operating within Western australia, the company extends its service reach across the country, and to new Zealand!


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Established in 1991, Solar Dwellings is one of Western australia’s leading passive solar home design companies, designing energy-efficient and award-winning homes. the company has won approximately 50 major housing awards (and is proud to say that this is more than anyone else in the solar design field in Western australia).

Solar Dwellings has always showcased a strong commitment to community and industry awareness in the area of sustainability, especially in relation to universal access and multi-generational design in residential buildings. every home designed by Solar Dwellings is an example of best practice, using practical ways to create a welcoming home. Founder and director griff Morris has been researching and designing passive solar homes since the late 1970s. He’s now a leading national authority, teaching sustainable design and serving on many committees, including a Commonwealth government committee on home energy efficiency.

Solar Dwellings’ homes are judged among australia’s best because they are intelligently designed and well- constructed. they’re highly sustainable, universally accessible and incredibly comfortable to live in. they significantly cut energy and water costs – but they don’t cost the earth.

Solar Dwellings offers two types of design – individual design and tailored design. individual design allows a fully creative design, with passive solar principles incorporated to create homes that are beautiful, multi-functional and highly sustainable. each one is uniquely designed to reflect your lifestyle, aspirations and needs. tailored design creates a very stylish and sustainable home that is a cost-effective alternative to individual design. this is a great choice if you want to put more funds into your home deposit, or include additional features such as solar panels or sustainable water systems.

Both designs include passive solar design principles, which are the underlying foundations of Solar Dwellings’ homes. the main components of passive solar design include the orientation of the home, with living areas and large windows facing north, and minimal windows to the east and west. Winter warmth and summer cooling is achieved by positioning windows so the sun enters in winter but not during summer and natural cooling is also achieved by window placement that allows cross ventilation. the choice of materials is also considered, with timber floors that can absorb the sun’s warmth in winter and release it back into the home in the evening.

Solar Dwellings complements these structural passive design principles with active solar design installations that help homeowners make their home even more ecologically friendly. Photovoltaic power generation and solar water heating are two methods of further improving houses using active solar design. additional features such as rainwater harvesting and using low-allergen and non-toxic building processes and products, which are important for young families and anyone with allergies, are some ways the company assists homeowners in reducing their impact on the environment.

Because all Solar Dwellings’ homes are very energy- and water-efficient, they make a minimal impact on the environment and lessen your carbon footprint. they save a significant amount of money on running costs as well, and ultimately help the planet.

The company has now created hundreds of individual homes in Perth and regional Western australia, offering a total service that includes land analysis, designing, costing and building.

Founder and director griff Morris strongly believes in living his commitment to thinking and acting globally and locally. For more than 27 years he has given significant time and money to the Hunger Project. a portion of Solar Dwellings’ annual profits are invested in projects to educate and empower women in africa, india, bangladesh and Central and South america.

Morris’ strong interest in the health and wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants is expressed through his leading- edge design principles.

“These are the homes of the future, because they cut a home’s running costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimise environmental impacts,” says Morris.

“We can further increase sustainability of a home through additional ‘smart home’ measures. these can include building materials which have low embodied energy and low environmental impact, meaning a home is environmentally responsible in construction as well as in operation.”