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Ecohabit is an initiative by boutique design firm Fratelle Group, premised on the theory that our homes should be as beneficial to our health as organic vegetables are to our bodies.

As asthma, allergy, chemical sensitivity and cancer rates have soared in the past few years, and as most traditional homes have proven to be between two and five times more polluted than the air outside, Ecohabit is ready to make changes and let old living habits die hard.

Directors Adrian Fratelle and Kylee Schoonens are passionate environmentalists and leading specialists in eco design. The pair have their fingers on the pulse of eco-friendly design innovations around the world in order to offer Perth only the finest knowledge and skills in the industry.

Together, they have built a company that is testament to the fact that environmentally conscious homes can be just as aesthetically pleasing as any other regularly built home, if not more, and the project pictured here exhibits just that.

The home’s simplistic and fresh façade ensures it will stand the test of time, while the interior boasts clever contemporary design and features the most cutting-edge eco-friendly products and materials to not only reduce the home’s carbon footprint, but ensure it is able to withstand the harsh seaside weather conditions.

From site orientation, ventilation and power generation, to glazing and green roofs, Ecohabit provides the complete eco-friendly, architectural design solution. The aim is for each home to use less power, less water, to have less toxins, be low-maintenance and low-cost, as well as having an undetectable carbon footprint.

Ecohabit specialises in the creation of energy-efficient, ecologically-designed homes that are accessible to everyone. The challenge the company sets for itself however, is that each new home not only functions in an environmentally friendly way, but is also stunning to look at.

The company treats each home as a breathing, functioning entity that upon request, can feature renewable energy power sources, harvested rain water tanks, recycled grey water tanks, spaces for composting and recycling, power sources for electric cars, low-toxic furnishings, free-flowing air through the clever use of cross ventilation and finally, green roofs.

Each home also comes with a full instruction manual on how to maximise your home’s health. Whatever your budget may be, Ecohabit has taken on the responsibility to provide a solution for everyone interested in owning an eco-friendly, healthy abode.