Diamond Cell Solar

Diamond Cell Solar
  • Address: 4/13 Townsend Street, Malaga
  • Phone: (08) 9209 1972
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Diamond Cell Solar is at the forefront of the solar industry in Australia. With a range of systems to suit different energy and budget requirements, the company is committed to helping homeowners and businesses switch to solar energy.

An average Diamond Cell Solar PV solar system will save almost three tonnes of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide being pumped into the environment every year, while saving you money on every kWh produced.

Made to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions, each panel has its own micro inverter. Operating independently of each other, if one panel reduces in efficiency, it will not affect the other panels, unlike standard string inverters.

Don’t worry if you’re a solar power novice, because everything that you need to know about solar energy will be explained by the friendly and knowledgeable staff members, who pride themselves on exceptional customer service.

With a wealth of knowledge, a Diamond Cell Solar representative will be able to design a solar system that suits your needs and budget. A trained renewable energy advisor will come to your home to give you an obligation-free quote.

The advisor will take the time to get on your roof to check for obstructions, shading, pitch and prevailing weather conditions to ensure you can get optimum results.

A customised solar solution will match your individual requirements and budget, with affordable and flexible finance options available to make it even easier to switch to solar energy. A solar system can typically be installed in less than one working day.

Diamond Cell Solar’s quality products are backed by a five-year warranty on installation and string inverters, a 15-year warranty on micro-inverters and a 30-year output warranty on panels.

The company was established in Cairns eight years ago by Leon Pinxteren and Craig Barelds. Today Rob Pringle is the director of the company’s Western Australian operations. Rob and his team service Perth metropolitan and regional areas, completing more than 1000 projects each year.