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  • Address: 2/213 Balcatta Road, Balcatta
  • Phone: 1300 897 441
  • Fax: (08) 9240 7322
  • Mobile: 0402 278 794



As energy efficiency specialists, Carbon Footie prides itself on assisting customers to not only reduce their environmental impact, but also to reduce their expenditure. Carbon Footie designs innovative products and services to make a home or business more efficient, sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

The team at Carbon Footie shares a vision to become a prominent entity in assisting all Western Australians to access greener and more cost-effective energy, by utilising not just one but an unlimited combination of energy-efficient solutions.

Along with a commitment to providing innovative, energy-saving solutions, Carbon Footie believes that projects must be addressed with an open and honest approach. Dedicated to delivering projects both on time and on budget, Carbon Footie utilises quality materials and highly experienced workmanship on every project to make sure homes aren’t just more energy-efficient, but are also more beautiful.

When it comes to solar energy, Carbon Footie offers systems of all sizes to ensure that if a client has a certain solar energy brand in mind, then there is flexibility within a project. Starting with an assessment of a client’s power use, Carbon Footie tackles the tough questions on how much a solar system can really save on an electricity bill. The team at Carbon Footie emphasises the importance of educating clients on how to get the best use out of a solar system, while also providing payment options for all budgets.

For clients who want to not only continue reducing their utility bill, but also help the environment, Carbon Footie offers a solar hot water system which helps to obtain as much as 90 per cent of a client’s hot water requirements. As experts in the provision of solar hot water systems, the team is able to tailor different solutions to fit each different home and family’s consumption needs.

As Perth’s leading solar installer, Carbon Footie’s systems are built to withstand the harshest conditions and represent new levels of efficiency, cost-saving and reliable hot water all year round. Whether a client requires a roof mounted, split system or heat pump solar water system, Carbon Footie has the solution to fit every home.

Upgrading a home with LED lighting is one of the best ways to ensure long-term financial savings with reduced electricity bills and a smaller carbon footprint. Carbon Footie helps clients to transform living spaces and bring a welcoming ambience to a room simply by changing the lighting. Without compromising the quality of light within a home, Carbon Footie helps homeowners design a lighting scheme that is customised to their home.

For clients with a large variety of lighting within a home, switching to LED lighting is a sure way to avoid large electricity bills and rising energy costs. Not only does LED lighting use a fraction of the same energy as regular lighting, LEDs have a far longer lifespan and durability. By combining these practical elements with skills in interior design, Carbon Footie is providing energy solutions that are impressive and efficien.

The team at Carbon Footie emphasises the importance of using LED lighting in all client homes because they emit no UV rays, are made out of fully-recyclable materials and do not contain mercury.

For families wanting an energy solution provider who also understands the importance of creating a stunning andinviting space, Carbon Footie is the place to start.


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