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This striking new artwork by Perth Art Glass acts as a privacy screen in one of Perth’s most prestigious inner city redevelopments, Perry Lakes. The company was approached with a brief for a privacy screen that would not only become part of the architectural fabric of the building, but also a spectacular piece of art in itself. Ian Dixon and Joe Hanratty, artists at Perth Art Glass, developed the piece in consultation with the client.

The design was strongly influenced by Perry Lakes’ development guidelines, which stipulate that any project should be influenced by a retro 1950–60s style with flat or skillion roof lines, minimal colour and a slight Art Deco feel.

The design concept beautifully references the form and grid-like repetitiveness that is representative of Art Deco style, and has been achieved by using contemporary kiln- formed techniques. The custom-textured and toughened screen has fused glass colour components laminated to the surface, which creates a sense of movement in the design.

The design had to be approved prior to production commencing, which meant Perth Art Glass and the contributing artists had to present significant research and planning to the redevelopment board for consideration. Thankfully, approval was granted, and the team of skilled professionals were able to bring the beautiful design to life.

The clients were so thrilled with the result they commissioned a second piece of glass art for inside their modern home.

The homeowners’ decision to create a work of art in slumped glass as a privacy screen was rewarded when the six panels were lifted into place on the wall by Dixon and his team. They were thrilled with the result, and believe they possess a unique piece art that is unlike anything they have ever seen. The final fit-out – with its stainless steel framework, tinted glass and subtle flecks of colour that reference the Perry Lakes environment – brought the carefully-planned project to a close.

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Project 1



The unique and striking glass cladding by Perth Art glass on this above-ground swimming pool is a functional piece of architectural art that manages to turn this essentially unattractive structure into a beautiful feature.

The clients had a vision for their unusual pool, but were not inspired by the usual cladding material available. While searching for ideas, they came across the Perth Art glass website and this inspired them to investigate the glass option.

After a number of meetings with ian dixon, owner and lead designer at Perth Art glass, the clients fell in love with the idea of glass cladding, which would turn the boring concrete walls of the pool into a unique art piece. Central to their decision to move forward with this design was their trust in dixon’s knowledge, expertise and more importantly, his creativity.

These beautiful panels are all individually textured and hand-painted to avoid a boring and repetitious feel. together they create a piece of artwork that instantly evokes the movement and feeling of cool, crystal-clear water.
Dixon had to work through a number of engineering issues, as well as ensure the project attained Australian safety standards. His vast knowledge and capability in dealing with large and unusual projects, however, ensured an excellent outcome with all of these issues.

The clients are thrilled with the finished result and Perth Art glass loved being involved with such a unique and beautiful project, as well as dealing with clients who had a great vision and imagination.