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Awnings WA Awnings WA Awnings WA
  • Address: 9/1 President Street, Welshpool
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When compared to other companies on the market, Awnings WA’s unique designs and reliability is what truly sets it apart. You can feel rest assured knowing that when you purchase an Awnings WA product, it will not only look great, but last the distance.

The MX1 Compact awning pictured here has a unique appearance and offers the very best in engineering, durability, functionality and technology. this has earned the incredibly innovative product the 2015 interior innovation Award, the 2015 il design Award, and the red dot design Award.

The MX1 Compact was designed by a team of dedicated and highly experienced engineers, in the very best research and development facilities within the Markilux germany manufacturing plant.

It is a fully motorised system that uses remote-controlled operation as well as motion sensors, which allows it to retract automatically – making it perfect for windy days.

The awning products can also be fitted with wireless sun sensors that extend once the sun rises, as well as a range of lighting options including lEd spotlights, coloured strip lighting, and downlighting. Awnings WA can work with architects during construction stages or retro-fit the awning for your outdoor space.

Since 1999 Awnings WA has specialised in creating and installing quality external sun, rain and wind awnings systems for commercial, wholesale and domestic clients. Based in Western Australia, the company installs and supplies thousands of products around the state, and with more than 50 types of awning products in its range, Awnings WA will have a solution for you.