Supreme Wood Fired Ovens

Supreme Wood Fired Ovens Supreme Wood Fired Ovens
  • Address: 15 James Street, Fremantle
  • Mobile: 0412 938 799

Tom Fay is the proud owner and operator of Supreme Wood Fired Ovens, with more than 15 years of experience building ovens with DIY Pizza Company in Fremantle. During his time with DIY Pizza Company, his renowned customer service and expert craftsmanship meant the company sold up to 36 ovens a week! Fay’s lengthy experience in the tile and terracotta industry gave him superior knowledge of heat-compound and heat-resistant materials, which means you’ll be receiving the best wood-fired oven available today. Unlike the many imitation or concrete wood-fired ovens currently on the market, the ovens by Supreme Wood Fired Ovens are made from high-quality bricks, which has placed the company as one of the top manufacturers in Australia. Check out the vast range at Supreme Wood Fired Ovens’ showroom today!