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  • Address: Suite 15 Plaistow Mews, 102 Railway Street, West Perth
  • Phone: (08) 9322 3777



Patio living constructed this remarkable alfresco for a young couple who needed it to match the strong architectural design, straight lines, roof detail and cedar lining featured on the main house.

The extension was built with the roof facing inwards, to satisfy the homeowners’ request that the warmth of the cedar be exposed as they walked out of their home and into the garden.

The beam’s considerable span was a challenge, however, that required a specially engineered solution. the solitary post was specially-designed to bear the load and the parapet wall allowed the structure to be built on the boundary.

The result is an outdoor extension that not only pleases the owners’ aesthetic requirements, but also protects the outdoor area from the elements and provides the family with a great entertaining space opposite the pool.

The warm timber hues perfectly complement the neutral travertine stone flooring in this outdoor area. Patio living chose to enhance the striking contrast by setting large laminated timbers around the steel post, as well as a laminated wood mantel along the parapet wall.

The homeowner also planted a tree between the house and the alfresco to provide more shade in a softer style. At night, lEd lighting provides additional aesthetic appeal and dramatic effects by illuminating the pool, the surrounding gardens and the alfresco itself.

The homeowners and their two young children absolutely love the outdoors, and have found this extension to their family home a valuable addition to their lifestyle.