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Reside by LD TOTAL is a team of landscape architects and specialised tradespeople who are bursting with fresh and innovative ideas for vibrant outdoor spaces. the company specialises in residential, multi-residential and built-form projects that require innovative design and a high level of attention to detail.

With more than 20 years of experience sculpting some of Western Australia’s most iconic and beautiful landscapes, reside by ld totAl’s team of industry-leading professionals work closely alongside clients to create tailored outdoor spaces that are unique, inspiring and functional.
traditional family values and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction is at the core of the company’s business approach.

Reside by LD TOTAL is dedicated to creating outdoor spaces that not only deliver the ‘wow’ factor but also provide the perfect balance of style and functionality, which will stand up to the practical demands of your lifestyle for years to come. through its exceptional workmanship, open communication and refined process, the company delivers innovative landscaping solutions that truly impress.

Reside by LD TOTAL takes a holistic approach to landscape design and construction by offering an all-encompassing range of services. the in-house design and construct team ensures that all aspects of your project are seamlessly communicated and managed from start to finish. You will have access to a point of contact throughout the project to guarantee your requirements and preferences are always attended to, and you’ll be at the forefront of all design decisions.

Whether you are building new or renovating an existing property, reside by ld totAl has the skills and expertise to create outstanding results.


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Drawing on 15 years of innovative landscape design and construction expertise, LD TOTAL is transforming Perth residences with exceptional outdoor spaces. The team of experienced landscape architects, designers and horticulturalists takes the clients’ vision and creates a customised outdoor space that is tailored to their individual style of living.

Whether they are building a brand new home or renovating an existing one, LD TOTAL can assist its clients with the design, installation and ongoing maintenance of their beautifully unique and functional outdoor space.

The company also offers its clients design flair and environmentally-sensitive proposals that focus on innovation and functionality.

As Perth’s premier landscaping firm, LD TOTAL is across all the latest landscaping trends and is setting a new standard in outdoor living. The team at LD TOTAL is completely focused on its clients’ needs and wants, and is dedicated to designing beautiful outdoor spaces that enhance their home and lifestyle.

LD TOTAL believes that every client and home is unique, and that the outdoor space is an extension of them. So, partner with the award-winning team that will design and construct an exquisite outdoor space, complete with a personal experience only LD TOTAL can offer.

No matter your property size, LD TOTAL will have a solution to help you enrich your outdoor lifestyle.

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It’s official: a great garden pays on auction day. In fact, the desire for completed backyards is so great that you can spend up to 15 per cent of your property’s value on good landscaping without overcapitalising.

When planning your pool, be sure to plan your landscaping at the same time. This allows your landscaper and pool designer to collaborate, resulting in a fantastic garden that is sure to deliver results when the hammer comes down.

As Perth’s premier landscaping firm, LD TOTAL is well across the latest landscaping trends. Demand for inner-city living has increased, and with many properties having little room for traditional lawn, artificial turf has taken off. Another growing urban trend is ‘small-space gardening’, where residents can still enjoy keeping plants and can even grow their own produce.

With more than two decades of experience creating award-winning landscape designs for homeowners, LD TOTAL has the skills and expertise to make your outdoor living dream a reality.

LD TOTAL understands the impact a great outdoor area can have on the overall look and feel of your home, the value it can add to your property, and the role it plays in shaping your lifestyle. LD TOTAL also understands that when it comes to landscape design, there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’.

By taking the time to listen to you and connect with your vision, LD TOTAL can design an outdoor space that’s tailored to you – a space that not only complements your home’s aesthetic design and delivers a ‘wow’ factor, but also meets your lifestyle’s practical demands for years to come.

Whether you’re seeking a tranquil outdoor retreat, a water-wise garden or a vibrant playspace for the kids to enjoy, the landscape architects and designers at LD TOTAL will apply the perfect blend of style and functionality to your space.