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Aaron East Landscaping & Garden Design offers a complete service on all projects, ensuring that its clients receive the follow-up support they need to make sure their garden looks its best, for longer!

With the all-in-one service it offers, Aaron East Landscaping & Garden Design’s maintenance department will look after the upkeep of your project, to ensure it remains as attractive as the day it was finished.  The company can perform any type of project from modern pool areas to native gardens like the one featured here.

Many people make the mistake of thinking native gardens only resemble the bush and are full of large trees, broken branches and dry leaves littering the ground floor. A well designed native garden can be a thing of beauty with beautiful fragrances and blossoms while also attracting birds and other wildlife. Once a native garden is established it can be a very low maintenance, sustainable, water-efficient paradise.

The owners of this property grew tired of their high maintenance and neglected front lawn and opted for this modern Australiana themed garden. The design concept was to create a dramatic, coloured and structured native garden that would survive on marginal amounts water.

As part of its diverse repertoire of interesting design elements, Aaron East Landscaping & Garden Design has also taken to installing stylish gabion walls. Gabions have been around forever, however in this new application more and more homeowners are starting to discover their beauty.

Constructed using wire caging that is reinforced by stone, in this case decorative pebbles, gabions were originally used to stabilise slopes against erosion. In the garden, gabions are extremely versatile as they have a wide range of practical uses, including lighting and water features and screening. They also make fantastic wall features, creating a striking focal point.

With the popularity of gabions gaining momentum and a large range of new stone products becoming available, matching stone to a new or old home is made simple. If you want the ‘wow’ factor, Aaron East Landscaping & Garden Design recommends a gabion wall be included in your garden.

Sustainable living is an important aspect of landscaping and more people are becoming mindful of the importance of living the simple life, and minimising their impact on the environment.

With help from Aaron East Landscaping & Garden Design, you can make your vegetable garden a stylish feature in your garden. The jarrah vegetable planters featured here have a warm timber finish, while also keeping pests and weeds away. They are also the perfect height to make tending to your garden comfortable.

The team at Aaron East Landscaping & Garden Design has more than 50 years of combined industry experience. From landscaping and horticulture to agriculture, the talented team has a solid understanding of all aspects of landscaping and garden design.

Aaron East Landscaping & Garden Design offers exciting design alternatives and expert service to all its clients. With such a diverse scope of talents, the team at Aaron East Landscaping & Garden Design will be able to fulfil any vision you have for your outdoor area.


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