Sympari Group

Sympari Group
  • Address: 42 Railway Parade, Bayswater
  • Phone: (08) 9370 4833
  • Mobile: 0413 615 558



Established in 1986, Sympari Group is a reliable and reputable company that produces high-quality work. The experienced team of designers, cabinetmakers and solid surface fabricators, makes Sympari Group an excellent choice for your new kitchen.

The featured kitchen showcases the quality workmanship and attention to detail you can expect from the team at Sympari Group. Smooth, flowing lines, quality materials and practicality are always a priority for the company and as a result Sympari Group has a vast portfolio of impressive work.

The modern and practical design of the featured kitchen blends well with the rest of the home. The Sympari Group team designed the kitchen with neutral colours that complement the existing surrounding area. These colours have enhanced the chic, clean and modern look of the kitchen.

With functionality at the forefront of the client’s priorities, Sympari Group utilised an open floor plan, maximising the available space. To ensure dynamic use of the area, traffic through the kitchen has been minimised by incorporating distinct zones within the room, including a preparation zone, a cooking zone and a cleaning zone. These various spaces have made it practical for people to exit and enter the kitchen while food preparation is taking place.

Sympari Group is a Western Australia-based business with a purpose-built factory in Bayswater that houses state-of the-art manufacturing technology. Sympari Group prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service and stylish interior spaces.

The company’s staff is friendly, approachable and passionate about helping clients obtain the kitchen they truly want. All Sympari Group kitchens are built with only the very best materials, and each is individually designed to suit the requirements of the client.