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La Vie Interiors, in conjunction with boutique builder Tranquility Homes, created the perfect interior to match this state-of-the-art, top-end home. The interior design chosen is as grand as the architecture, while managing to remain comfortable, allowing the homeowners and their guests to feel at home and relaxed.

The La Vie Interiors team was given the opportunity to work to its full potential. From the opulent marble floors to the exceptional cabinetry selections executed and manufactured by International Cabinets, the home exhibits an excellent use of colour and textiles.

The space refrains from appearing ultra-modern through the use of some classic design elements. The bedroom uses contrasting colours and furniture, such as the modern couch and classically upholstered bed head, which combined achieve a timeless look.

The use of neutral colours allows the small bursts of colour to really shine. From accents of purple in the cinema walls, to the blue and green of the landscaping, the small swatches of colour really stand out, providing a truly unique look.

Likewise, the use of two different-coloured cabinets in the kitchen breaks up the classical façade and means the kitchen doesn’t appear too pristine, which could have been an issue with such a large space.

Thick, floor-to-ceiling drapes give the interior the warmth needed for the comfortable, relaxed feel desired by the client. Also employing environmentally friendly features, the home has an underground, 75,000 litre water tank, supplying the home 90 per cent of its water supply.

La Vie Interiors specialises in high-end, executive homes and commercial sites throughout the Perth metropolitan area and the South West.


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