Murano and Gullotti

Murano and Gullotti
  • Address: Shop 5, Forrest Walk, 103 Rokeby Road, Subiaco
  • Phone: (08) 9388 2864



The highly acclaimed contemporary artists represented by Murano and Gullotti and the gallery’s expert staff invite you to journey into the fascinating world of contemporary fine art and Murano glass.

Murano and Gullotti Gallery is the only gallery in Australia that exhibits the finest and largest collection of Murano glass. The internationally renowned artistic glass that Murano and Gullotti Gallery sources, comes directly from its own manufacturing company in Murano, Venice in Italy.

Thanks to its originality and to the artistic and historical tradition that it represents, Murano glass has been, throughout the centuries, the passion and desire of many art glass collectors. The image pictured above features glass master Dino Rosin at work in his studio in Murano, Venice.

Murano glass is entirely hand crafted strictly by Venetian artists following traditional techniques handed down from family to family for centuries. Murano glass is composed mainly of sand, silica and soda, which are transformed into a liquid state at 1700°C.

In the short interval of time when glass solidifies, passing from a liquid to a solid state by the increase in viscosity – so called ‘workable thermal interval’ – the glass master skilfully handcrafts unique objects of art that retain the rigidity of a solid body, while maintaining the transparency of liquid. Pictured above are three timeless pieces of brilliant Calcedonia Murano glass artworks crafted by glass master Dino Rosin, that are capable of enhancing the interior of any home with elegance and style.

Murano and Gullotti Gallery was established by Paul Gullotti and Andrea Sezzi. Founder of Murano Venezia in Perth, Andrea Sezzi has been, over the years, a passionate promoter of his home town’s art tradition around the world.

Participating in many art fairs in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as having established relationships with art galleries and art dealers in New York and London, Paul Gullotti was also responsible for initiating the debut of many successful, contemporary artists in Western Australia. This unique synergy between the founders, with more than 35 years of combined experience in the contemporary fine art and Murano glass world, results in a truly spectacular exhibit of art and style.