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This year marks an exciting turning point for Jenny Jones Rugs, pushing the boundaries with stunning new contemporary designs and colour-ways. In March 2015, Jones launched her new collection, ‘Elements’ at the Maison & Objet Exhibition in Singapore.

The collection was inspired by the organic richness of nature, and Jones’ love of the natural landscapes of home. Influenced by the ancient elements of earth, air and water, this collection is about embracing nature and bringing the outdoors inside.

The Serpentine design derives its name from the geographic Serpentine location of Western Australia. It pays respects to the indigenous people of this majestic landscape and takes inspiration from the amazing rock formations. The layers of sediment within this design speak of history. Raised layers of silk create texture and depth.

Another design inspired by the element of earth is Jenny Jones’ ‘Marble’ rug. Marble is a stone rich with history. The swirls are the result of mineral impurities, but this is not the case within this design. Instead, these imperfections are celebrated, with rivers of silk that cascade over the surface, capturing the light and creating movement.

This Elements collection is completely customisable and clients can have any of the designs made to their required size and in their desired colours. Work alongside Jenny Jones and her team of talented designers, including qualified interior and textile designers, to tailor a design specifically to your space. With more than 1200 wool and silk colours to choose from, the possibilities are almost endless. To date the team at Jenny Jones Rugs has designed over 1400 customised rugs for both residential and commercial projects.

Jenny Jones Rugs offers obligation-free home consultations (Perth metro area only) to assess the space and offer professional advice and style suggestions. A skilled member of the interior design team will measure your space to determine your ideal-size rug while also suggesting a colour palette to work with.

‘Atlantis’ is another of the designs from Jenny Jones ‘Elements’ Collection. A beautiful monochromatic pattern of blues, this was a crowd favourite at Maison & Objet Singapore. This piece presents the aftermath of the submerged city of its namesake. It represents the romance of both the unknown and the lost. Light catches and dances across the surface and raised silk piles add a 3D element, making it the perfect rug for a beachside home.

The ‘Caprice’ design (above) takes inspiration from the design of a wishing pond. Undulations of wool and silk create the appearance of ripples and reflections.

Every Jenny Jones rug is handmade from commencement to completion, in the finest knotting with the highest grade hand-spun wool and silks. Each individual knot in these masterpiece rugs is like a paint-stroke. As with a piece of art the natural variations in each rug are part of its beauty, desirability, and individuality.

For more designs and information head to the Jenny Jones Rugs website or visit the Claremont showroom.