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Glasscapes is at the forefront of the creative glass industry, proving that the unique properties of glass always make for an elegant finish. Beyond the practicality of glass being easy to clean, its reflective properties can add light, space and a unique dimension to any project.

With new applications for slumping, painting and printing glass, the industry is now seeing many more design ideas unfold, and Glasscapes prides itself on keeping up-to-date with such trends and industry advances, providing most of these key creative processes in-house at the factory showroom.

 As clearly evident in the projects pictured here, a high level of workmanship is delivered from the team at Glasscapes at all times. The modern designs called for sleek and exceptionally clean finishes. To achieve this, Glasscapes employed frameless glass finishes and custom-painted glass.

The staircase pictured above was finished with custom-cut frameless glass. In another Glasscapes project featured here, the staircase was finished with classic segmented glazing, while the outside of the home incorporated Glasscapes’ planar-fixed frameless glass balustrading and frosted glass panels for privacy, as well as bronze slumped glass fencing panels.

The use of beautiful glass in both homes added to the feeling of light and opulence, which helped showcase the rest of the home.

For a modern take on sliding wardrobe doors, the bedroom of this newly-built home called for a modern and functional design that complemented the room. The look was achieved with Glasscapes’ pearl-coloured painted glass. Glasscapes is able to paint glass wardrobe doors any colour and offers a choice of finishes, allowing clients and designers the opportunity to add a modern, individualised finish to bedrooms and other rooms, resulting in a complete look.

Having been in business for more than ten years, Glasscapes was started in 2000 by Paul Roberts. A quali?ed glazier by trade, Roberts has 24 years of experience in the glass industry and has a wealth of technical and product knowledge. This is evident in the quality of his advice and workmanship, which is a driving factor for Glasscapes’ success.