Deborah Zibah Artworks

Deborah Zibah Artworks Deborah Zibah Artworks Deborah Zibah Artworks Deborah Zibah Artworks Deborah Zibah Artworks
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I am an exhuberant character, driven by passion and purpose in an irrepressible pursuit for excellence in my work ethic and personal life.

I constantly strive for more effective ways to visually express my experience and appreciation of nature and my identity within it, and with her amazing Creator.

 I specialise in large scale, customised, site specific artworks, designed purposefully for the specifications and complete satisfaction of the client. The unusual materials I work with- bitumen and grasstree resin, to name a few, demonstate a high standard of professionalism and expertise. The works exhude strong, gestural form along with an element of playful spontaneity, making them attractive to both residential and corporate spaces.

Areas of pristine white background showcase the numerous layers and textures of the materials. I have been know to literally set fire to my paintings to gain another layer of mark making, to further enhance the visual experience.

Being a prolific and dedicated painter, I exhibit regularly in the South West of Australia and other galleries in the Perth metropolitan area. My most significant and successful exhibition so far, was at the Melbourne Art Fair in 2010, where six large works were sold.