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Quality Timber Patios

Quality Timber Patios
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Patio Living’s latest range of high-quality timber products is guaranteed to deliver a fantastic finish that’s ideal for timber-framed patios and pergolas.

Homeowners are increasingly choosing timber over steel frames for the warm and inviting feel they provide. Patio Living’s timber products provide a more beautiful finish than standard pine, at very competitive prices!

By investing in timber products from Patio Living, you will achieve a superior finish and save money in the long run. The timber beams look impeccable even when painted, and are almost entirely free of obvious knots, which can often make it difficult to achieve an attractive result after staining.

Whether installed beneath heat-reflective polycarbonate or Colorbond roofing, timber products from Patio Living always look stunning. The timber beams look particularly striking when used as the main feature in open pergolas.

For more information on Patio Living’s new timber products and a wider range of stunning alfresco extensions, visit the company website or ring (08) 9322 3777.


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