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Active Sustainability

Active Sustainability
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Solar Dwellings participated in Sustainable House Day 2016 by running bus tours for its clients and people interested in sustainable design, which visited an impressive array of sustainable houses. Due to the popularity of this tradition, the company will be continuing its bus tours for Sustainable House Day 2017.

Since 1991, Solar Dwellings has led the way for accessible sustainable design, and has shown that anyone can afford to live in a well-designed sustainable home. The company partnered with Subiaco City Council to design the Subiaco Sustainable Home, and the Mandurah City Council to design the Mandurah Sustainable Interactive Home. A successful collaboration with Josh Byrne produced one of the most sustainable homes in Australia. To learn more about this project, visit

Solar Dwellings is renowned for expertly incorporating sustainable design principles such as passive solar into its projects. Its energy-efficient, low- allergen homes include water-wise features, and multi-functional elements that allow the home to adapt to the occupants’ changing lifestyle requirements.


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