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The core features of this outstanding family home, which was expertly constructed by Peter Lea from Tectonics Building Design, is its comfortable living area and its orientation, which welcomes abundant natural light and prevailing breezes.

The home’s elevated outlook provides the owners with gorgeous panoramic valley views. Other standout features of the home include its clean lines and contemporary country look.

The owners wanted the home to have a family-oriented design that would allow for natural movement, while being low maintenance. This design maximises space by incorporating distinct zones, while working with the contours of the land.

Sloping clay sites always have inherent challenges. However, due to Lea’s expert knowledge of the site and understanding of local weather conditions, these obstacles were overcome with great finesse.

The eco-friendly home features a self-contained water-harvesting system and insulated concrete floors, with hydronic heating. The home also relies on passive solar design principles.

Founded in 2006 by Lea and Warren Hillman, Tectonics Building Design specialises in individually designed residential projects that range from $200,000 to $2 million. It primarily services the South-West Capes region.

Tectonics Building Design has won multiple Housing Industry Association (HIA) awards during its time, including 2014 Framed House up to $350,000, 2014 Custom Built Home up to $700,000, and 2012 Affordable Project of the Year. A true ‘design-and-construct’ business, Tectonics Building Design undertakes each of its projects with a focus on design, and draws on its extensive construction knowledge to minimise unnecessary time wastage and difficulties.

The company can complete renovations, additions and new builds for both the residential and commercial sectors. It can also assist with the construction of kitchens, and plan-rationalisation services. Each project is assessed for functionality, with changes recommended based on what the clients require. Further, the company provides a design and documentation service for builders and clients.


Project 1



Showcasing brilliant design and inspiring workmanship, this exquisite property situated on a rural escarpment in the South-West features an impressive modern façade built using a variety of beautiful high-quality materials.

Having lived in the area for some time, the clients sought the expertise of Tectonics Building Designs to create a highly functional, comfortable home for a family of four, with two teenage daughters.

The new home was designed by principal designer of Tectonics Building Designs, Peter Lea, who worked closely with the clients to ensure their exacting specifications were met.

The living areas have been strategically zoned to accommodate both privacy and social interaction. The design also promotes many aspects of green living, with passive solar principals and waste reduction. Ample natural light, breezeways, a large vegetable garden, and chook and orchid area also help to minimise the occupants’ carbon footprint.

The topography of the site adds further visual interest to the home, as contemporary materials and colours subtly mixed with locally-sourced timber, stone and landscaping to create a contemporary façade with decorative, low-maintenance finishes.

A variation of different cladding works harmoniously with decorative recycled timber and structural steel elements to accentuate the home’s form. With a soft roofline and muted tones, the home blends seamlessly into its natural settings.

Peter Lea and Warren Hillman founded Tectonics Building Designs in 2006, primarily as a design and drafting service. In 2009 the company expanded its operations, offering design and construction services, before adding commercial developments and home renovations to its impressive repertoire.

As the primary building designer on all Tectonics Building Designs projects, Lea was awarded 2013 Housing Industry Association (HIA) South-West Residential Designer of the Year and assists clients with design, block selection, material selection and estimated building costs.

The company was also named winner of Framed House up to $350,000, Framed House up to $650,000 and Custom Built Home up to $700,000 at the 2014 HIA Western Australia South-West Awards.

Project 2



Primarily built as a holiday home for the owner of a well-respected winery, this spectacular home was designed by Peter Lea of Tectonics Building Design.

Set amongst a stunning backdrop of existing vines, this home features a long floor-plan that works to maximise the northern light.

Featuring modern, sleek lines, the property is both functional and easy to maintain. It has been designed to make the most of the stunning views over the dam and lawn area.

Sporting Bondor roof panels and timber-framed walls, this house promotes ease-of-access to both the outdoor living and utilities spaces.

A variety of textures have been used throughout the home. Such finishes include stone tiling and stylish polished concrete slab flooring, which runs throughout the living and kitchen area. The use of these materials has resulted in an effect that is both sleek and homely.

Tectonics Building Design is a Margaret River-based design and construction business that was founded in 2007 by Peter Lea and Warren Hillman.

The company creates individual designs with a significant focus on energy efficiency and comfort within new homes. Tectonics Building Design approaches each project as a design exercise, and has completed work on extensions, granny flats and residential projects, as well as commercial builds.

Completing up to 15 homes per year, Tectonics Building Design focuses most of its work in the Capes region of South- West Western Australia, from Bunbury down to Augusta. The local terrain and weather conditions in these areas create the need for careful consideration with most sites, and Tectonics Building Design prides itself on its ability to recognise and overcome such obstacles with its designs.

Project 3



In this timber-frame margaret river project, tectonics building design has cleverly integrated the site’s existing historic group settlement cottage with a new modern build.

The owners of the property provided a brief for a modern and private home that was suitable for people of all ages. Positioned in a secluded and private natural setting, this property has a fantastic bushland view.

Tectonics building design placed substantial thought into the placement of zones to maximise the view, provide privacy and facilitate flow between the interior and exterior living areas of the home. Access to the property from the road and between each building was also carefully planned.

Products such as rammed limestone and James Hardy scyon cladding have been used, and all landscaping was completed by organics Horticultural services.

A two-storey footprint was used to minimise the amount of clearing that was required to satisfy the site’s bushfire Attack level (bAl) rating of 29, and to enable light from the second storey to access the living areas.

Founded in 2006 by warren Hillman and Peter lea, tectonics building designs specialises in individually-designed residential projects from $200,000 to $2 million, and services the cape-to-cape region from bunbury to Augusta.

Tectonics building design has won multiple Housing industry Association (HiA) awards during its time, including the 2014 Framed House up to $350,000, 2014 Custom built Home up to $700,000, and 2012 Affordable Project of the Year awards, among many others.

A true design and construct business, tectonics building design initially undertakes each of its projects with a focus on design, and places a strong influence of construction knowledge to minimise unnecessary waste and difficulties.

The company also completes renovations, kitchens and plan rationalisation services. each project is assessed for functionality, with changes recommended based on what is required. it also provides a design and documentation service for builders and individual clients.