Tavoli Designs

Tavoli Designs
  • Address: 3/3 Pritchard Street, O’Connor
  • Mobile: 0407 929 141



Well-known for producing exquisite designs and quality workmanship, Tavoli Designs specialises in the supply of custom-designed outdoor furniture, water features, sculptures, glass art and wrought iron masterpieces created by the company’s own experienced artisans, Allen and Jeannie Buchardt.

The design process for creating each outdoor project involves identifying the space available, and the client’s budget, to produce a unique feature piece that will perfectly suit its surrounding space. Each product is a result of the unity between multiple tradespeople including a carpenter, a blacksmith, a glass artist and a designer, as well as the input from the client, making each piece unique.

The team at Tavoli Designs prides itself on the quality materials used to create each outdoor piece – a range versatile enough to suit every application. Materials are sourced from all around the world, combining fused glass, stainless steel, mother of pearl, wrought iron, rare stone, marble and 24-carat white and yellow gold to create effortless beauty.

The featured fire pit is an example of Tavoli Designs’ modern take on the traditional outdoor fireplace – another example of the result of fine workmanship incorporated with creative brilliance. The company’s fire pits are the perfect way to enjoy the crackling sounds and heat of a real fire outside and in style.

Handmade wrought iron pieces, combined with kiln-formed glass, are another great option, custom-built using traditional forging techniques to create a stunning feature for any shaped space; a beautiful way to complement the style of your home and emulate your individual style.

With an endless array of colour choices and material options, Tavoli Designs’ resident glass artists and on-site craftsmen can create any desired effect for a gorgeous outdoor feature piece, be it an alfresco wall, dining table or outdoor bench.

Going beyond what the common mass-marketed products present, Tavoli Designs prides itself on providing exceptional quality products and service for each client. For any sized area that needs a standout piece, you can’t go past Tavoli Designs.

Photography by CJ Williams Photography