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Built by Phil Kelleher Homes, this award-winning Yallingup home embraces the rural lifestyle and displays an excellent commitment to energy efficiency. the three-bedroom property cleaned up at the 2016 Housing industry Association (HiA) awards, winning the wA greensmart Home of the Year, wA greensmart Framed House of the Year and wA greensmart Custom built Home of the Year awards.

Constructed in three pavilions to suit the family’s holiday lifestyle, this home has a 1950s-style contemporary interior with an industrial edge. Constructed using a passive solar design, the house faces north and features a skillion roof that takes advantage of the northerly sun during winter, and provides shade during summer as well as shelter from the southerly winds.

The property is positioned on a natural bush block, and the home was designed by denise o’Connor of shelter designs to retain the existing marri and grass trees. more than 150 grass trees were replanted in order for the driveway to be constructed. due to the high bushfire rating on the block, material selection was limited to non-flammable varieties.

The clever use of exterior colour and materials has allowed for the home to blend in with the surrounding landscape. the landscaping makes use of the natural bushland, and no watering or garden maintenance is required. Also, recycled water is used for the powder room toilet. the timber frame design minimises the impact on the site and allows the retention of native bushland around the home.

Energy efficiency is a core feature of this home. elements such as water self-sufficiency, energy-efficient lighting and the zoning of rooms that are sensitive to heating requirements ensure that the occupants can enjoy a comfortable and stylish home with low living costs and energy consumption. the use of three separate pavilions, which effectively close off areas that are not in use, means the home does not rely on air conditioning for climate control, and heating and cooling costs are reduced.

The house has achieved an eight-star energy efficiency rating, with features such as a 1.5 kilowatt solar-powered photovoltaic roof collector system and 130-litre water storage and quality insulation, as well as electrical equipment that has been selected for high energy efficiency. double-glazed windows and energy-efficient led lighting have been used throughout the home, while all paints are low-VoC water-based. the composite wall is made from rammed earth, reverse brick veneer and rendered brick cavity, and delivers a climate-responsive housing design. burnished concrete flooring was also chosen for its thermal mass.

Phil Kelleher Homes has extensive experience in energy-efficient custom-designed homes. Company director and supervisor Phil Kelleher is a greensmart Professional and his company has regularly won HiA awards for excellence since 2000. Having built in the south-west of western Australia since 1996, Phil can also assist with the design process. the company also undertakes residential renovations and additions, including energy-efficiency improvements.


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By employing a range of energy-efficient principles and practices, Phil Kelleher Homes created this stunning home, which blends effortlessly with its bushland surroundings and in no way compromises on aesthetic quality.

Meticulous planning has resulted in a well-planned and perfectly executed home. The winner of the 2010 Framed Home of the Year at the HIA–NAB South West Housing Awards and the 2010 Framed Home of the Year at the HIA–NAB Western Australian Housing Awards, the project impresses on many levels. The timber framed construction was used to accommodate the sloping contours on the land and minimise earthworks, and also to allow the home to echo its natural surroundings and fit seamlessly with the landscape.

Situated on a semi-rural sloping block, the home caters for the clients’ lifestyle, providing flexibility for guest and family visits. The high-performance design coupled with low-impact construction techniques sets the standard for innovative energy-efficient housing. Recycled and locally-sourced materials were used as much as possible, including locally-sourced granite for the outstanding stone walls and recycled jarrah floorboards from a demolition site in Perth, which have become a standout feature of the home.

Extensive decking provides a comfortable outdoor living space and provides summer shade to the lower floors, while also maximising access to the beautiful valley views. A motorised vergola on the northern side of the home can be opened during winter to maximise solar gain in the main living areas, reducing the need for heating, and the home has been cleverly divided into two distinct areas based on the clients’ requirements. When not in use, the guest area can be closed off, eliminating the need to heat or cool the area, and the main living pavilion, which houses rooms used on an everyday basis, can be easily sectioned off for heating or cooling.

Designed by Jolene Hewison of Art House DC in Margaret River in conjunction with Phil Kelleher and the clients, the home is a true triumph of contemporary energy-efficient design. Phil Kelleher’s extensive local knowledge proved invaluable when it came to determining effective placement of the home. His knowledge of energy-efficiency was also vital in ensuring the materials and technology used were geared towards occupant comfort, reduced construction
costs, and low-maintenance design.

The home’s external colours were selected to make sure it sits comfortably in its surroundings, and a host of exceptional energy-efficient features that includes effective insulation, cross ventilation via louvres, a self-sufficient water supply, water-saving fixtures and appliances and a heat pump, ensures this home is one the clients and their guests will enjoy and marvel at for years to come.

Phil Kelleher Homes specialises in all types of construction and focuses on creating outstanding passive solar and energy-efficient custom-designed homes. With extensive experience in steel subfloor and timber-framed homes, as well as with sloping and difficult sites and blocks in bushfire-prone areas, Phil Kelleher Homes is well-equipped to take on challenging projects in difficult areas.

Company director and supervisor Phil Kelleher is a Greensmart Professional and his company has regularly won HIA awards for excellence since 2000. Having built homes in the South-West region of Western Australia, including Dunsborough, Yallingup, Margaret River and Busselton since 1996, Phil is a knowledgeable and highly skilled builder who can also assist with the design process.

Building three to four homes a year allows the company to focus wholeheartedly on each project and give clients the undivided attention they deserve. The company also undertakes residential renovations and additions, including energy-efficiency improvements.