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This unique five-bedroom, five-bathroom dwelling was designed by mario bernardi and richard norrish, and built by Cape Constructions. the property’s stunning views of geographe bay and clever landscaping, coupled with first-class finishes throughout, make the home truly one of a kind.

The owner of the property understood the site’s value and provided Cape Constructions with a preliminary layout that showed the placement, approximate size and orientation of rooms. they desired a home with a modern feel reminiscent of Palm springs, and requested large, open spaces with large glass windows, as well as rammed limestone and cement instead of tiles.

Stabilised rammed limestone walls were used throughout the home. these walls feature concealed steel structures to support roofing and ceiling loads. navurban byron blackbutt timber veneer was used on all doors, cabinetry and bedroom furniture, lending a gorgeous warmth to the home.

The house features open spaces with large glass windows to allow for the maximum amount of light to flood the home, and Venetian plaster was used on the interior walls in place of tiles and grout.

The expansive central space contains the living, dining and kitchens areas, which open onto a loggia with views across the tree canopy to the valley below.

A large cage made of perforated metal sheets was installed at the entrance to allow fresh air to filter through the house.

The thermal mass of rammed earth, combined with shaded glazing via the loggia and overhangs, has helped to maximise the home’s energy efficiency.

While the overall footprint of the property is large, it was important to section off the unused areas during times when only two people would be using the home. this has been achieved through the use of floor-to-ceiling sliding doors and large glass windows.

Most of the rooms were designed to face geographe bay, while blank walls with minimal openings shelter the building from the cold southwesterly winds that often sweep over mount duckworth.

The owners were inspired by the aesthetic of Arizona-style gardens following their recent travels overseas. to incorporate this into the project, Cape Constructions decided to use some materials from the site in the landscaping, including cap limestone and leftover soil to create undulation.

As the property relies on tank water, the team was mindful to keep the lawn to a minimum and use a variety of water-wise plants. the plants used are a selection of dragon trees, dracaenas, cacti and assorted succulents. white bougainvilleas were planted to cover the jetty-timber structure near the tennis court and the olive trees featured at the entryway were transplanted from the existing stock on-site. white frangipanis were selected to distribute a sweet scent throughout the garden during the summer months.

Native bushland exists along both side boundaries of the property, and the new building does not impose on the surrounding landscape.

The paths are made from local limestone and steel edging, while the gardens are mulched with local limestone rubble and woodland-brown marri chips.

The choice of lighting displayed in the project showcases the natural elements and minimalist design principles. overuse of recessed downlights has been avoided, and the carefully selected lighting highlights the features of the home without being intrusive.Llinear-profile lighting has been used in the internal walkway and passage areas, and encased in custom-made timber covers. the 800mm-long fixtures are installed approximately 150mm above floor-level to create a subtle reflective light from the polished concrete floors. dimmable linear profile strip lighting was also concealed in the dropped bulkhead in the main living, dining and kitchen areas, resulting in a stunning reflective effect. A handcrafted feature pendant light was created to illuminate the beautiful kitchen island bench.

The majority of the bedroom lighting is composed of square-profile up/down aluminium-finish wall lights, which highlight the natural texture of the rammed limestone walls. some unobtrusive downlights have been installed where required in the minor bedrooms and bathrooms.

Square aluminium-finish lights have also been used to great effect on the exterior walls by complementing the asymmetrical in-ground wall-washers in selected entry areas, and highlighting the texture of the rammed-limestone walls. the stunning feature and landscape lighting completes the picture and showcases a truly remarkable home.

A dunsborough-based company, Cape Constructions builds homes from busselton through to dunsborough, Yallingup, eagle bay, margaret river and the surrounding areas. it completes approximately four new homes each year, as well as some renovations and a small number of commercial projects. it completes renovations with budgets from $250,000 and builds new homes that cost from $400,000 up to multi-millions of dollars.

Cape Constructions was founded in 2007 by Charles grist and david norrish. the company’s constructions manager, greg Hough, has been on board since the company’s inception and is now a partner.

The company has won more than 30 awards for its work since it first entered the master builders-bankwest Association southwest Awards for the south-west region. in 2010. Among many others, it has been successful in the building excellence, Contract Homes, supervisor of the Year and small builder of the Year categories, most recently taking home the best small builder award for 2017.

In addition to new homes, renovations, additions and extensions, Cape Constructions has built commercial properties such as wineries and retail outlets. the company also offers a design and construct service, and has a network of designers on-hand, who work with Cape Constructions on the job to design the style of home the client desires. Cape Constructions maintains its high level of work through employing the best tradespeople and working with the client, designers and architects to achieve exactly what the client requires.

Project 1



This striking three-level home was constructed atop a hill and has been created to take in the beautiful panoramic views offered by the site.

The block of land has an extensive slope, which, coupled with clay-based soil, presented some difficulties when it came to maximising the views. Despite these challenges, the team at Optimum Resource Architects designed a home to accommodate these features, and Cape Constructions built the home to the exacting standards of the design.

The design of the three levels works to the natural fall of the landscape, providing private living spaces while also combining open social areas that flow through the home. This means the clients’ family has areas to privately retreat to, in addition to areas that encourage interaction.

No trees were removed during construction, and the house was situated parallel to natural contours; working with the lay of the land rather than against it. Built into the hill to minimise bulk while maximising the panoramic views down the valley and to the sea in the distance, the home was constructed by experienced and professional tradesmen and fits seamlessly with its surroundings. Colours were selected to blend into the adjacent native landscape, paying respect to the beautiful bush, ocean and valley surrounds.

The uniquely-designed home has also been fitted with a range of environmentally-responsible features, including a 5.13-kilowatt photovoltaic power generator, earth tube heating and cooling, extensive automated shading and implementation of passive solar design principles. Materials were selected for their durable qualities and to ensure maintenance is minimal.

The home also features extensive outdoor entertainment areas, a solar-heated plunge pool and a tennis court. It is brick- and stone-clad on the base level, while the top two storeys feature scion cladding. LED lighting, marble benchtops and commercial-grade aluminium windows and doors throughout add to the luxurious feel and practical finish of the home.

Cape Constructions builds new homes and renovates existing homes ranging from $250,000 up to multi-million dollar projects. Working from Busselton through to Dunsborough, Yallingup, Eagle Bay, Margaret River and the surrounding areas, the business builds approximately four new homes plus a couple of renovations and a small amount of commercial building work each year.

Since it first entered the Master Builders Association (MBA) South West awards in 2010, Cape Constructions has won 14 awards in various categories for building excellence, including Supervisor of the Year.

Charles Grist and David Norrish established the company in 2007. The duo’s experience in constructing not only residential projects but also wineries, shopping precincts, retail outlets and multi-storey office renovations puts the Cape Constructions team at the forefront of innovative, thoughtful and environmentally-responsible construction.

Project 2



This stunning property, built by Cape Constructions, has been split into two wings to meet all of the requirements for its owners for many years to come. The clients’ brief was for a comfortable modern family holiday house that was also suitable for retirement. They also wanted the home to make use of the northern orientation to take advantage of the Geographe Bay views and to achieve good passive solar design.

Cape Constructions worked closely with the owners and architect Mark Webster Design to build this property, which exceeds all of the clients’ expectations. The eastern wing of the home houses the main living areas, including the main bedroom. The western wing comprises the guest bedrooms, the informal lounge room and the utilities. A breezeway divides the two wings and is used as the entry, providing stunning views of the bay through a masonry-framed window seat.

The home utilises solid masonry around the central entry and patio to ground the design, whereas the wings are constructed from timber frames for additional insulation properties. The main living/dining area features large sliding stacking doors, which pocket away to allow the space to flow seamlessly to the central and northern outdoor entertainment space.

Beautiful 180mm Brush box flooring runs through the entire length of the halls and entrance areas, adding a touch of elegance. Despite its grand size, the home still retains a sense of intimacy with built-in ‘wow’ factors that can be found throughout.

The house collects its own rainwater and has an extensive PV array for energy production. Passive solar design features achieve maximum solar gain in winter to save on heating costs. Cross ventilation and ceiling fans to all the bedrooms and living areas provide relief during the warm summer months and save on air-conditioning. To reach the property, a meandering 300m driveway works its way through the beautiful natural bush and farm surrounds, so the home settles perfectly into its environment.

Plenty of everyday luxuries are also included – such as a large island kitchen bench, plenty of storage, and an ensuite in the main bedroom with double basins – to make for comfortable living. Good planning and consultation with the clients and architect throughout the entire building process has resulted in a home that both Cape Constructions and the owners can be proud of.

Cape Constructions specialises in custom-designed and -built quality homes and renovations. Working primarily in Yalingup to Dunsborough and Eagle Bay, the company also ventures out to areas south of Peppermint Beach and Margaret River.

Since its conception in 2007, Cape Constructions builds up to seven homes annually to keep its quality to a maximum. It’s no wonder the company’s commitment to delivering high standards of work has continuously been acknowledged through numerous Master Builders Association (MBA) awards across all categories for many years.