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Design & Construct Residential Design & Construct Residential Design & Construct Residential Design & Construct Residential Design & Construct Residential Design & Construct Residential Design & Construct Residential
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Design & Construct Residential is a boutique building company based in Perth, which offers the advantage of a full design service, as well as a unique tendering system through which clients are guided. The company differs from other boutique builders in the market because its full design service enables clients to make sure their design and living requirements are accurately realised.

Clients are able to work with the Design & Construct Residential in-house architect, Graham Hutton, who consistently impresses clients with his innovative and intelligent designs.

Providing individually-designed homes to clients gives Design & Construct Residential exibility and a point of different to make each home stand out in its surrounding streetscape.

From capturing special views, to creating a spacious living area, or designing an outdoor entertaining area, the team at Design & Construct Residential takes a comprehensive brief from each client to ensure their expectations are met.

For the team at Design & Construct Residential, the positioning of rooms is critical to obtain the maximum winter solar effect, while also considering breeze paths during hot summer months. The company emphasises the use of height in rooms for a sense of volume, and minimises wasteful passageways so space can be better utilised.

Design & Construct Residential is often confronted with architectural challenges, including blocks with severe slopes to either the front or the rear. The team will design a home for you that will take advantage of this feature.

Throughout the design process, the client and designer meet regularly to ensure the client is 100 per cent satis ed with the functionality and style of their proposed new home, and plans are then sent off to the relevant planning departments and local authorities for approval.

While plans are being processed with the relevant authorities, clients are expertly guided through the selection of nishes, xtures and ttings by Design & Construct Residential’s expert and experienced team to nalise speci cation requirements.

In terms of its tendering process, Design & Construct Residential takes a unique approach as it selects three builders from its contacts to price your home. The company works to achieve extremely good prices for its clients, as it supplies the builder with permits and the schedule of nishes for every detail. This saves the builder time, and these savings are in turn re ected in the tender price.

The team at Design & Construct Residential believes that your home should represent timeless elegance, so that it won’t go out of date and will continue to feel fresh and desirable for years to come. In order to achieve this, Design & Construct Residential will work comprehensively through your design concept to create your perfect living space.

With the clever use of varying building materials, an architect can create a point of difference for your home – whether it’s a feature wall of rammed earth or a solid stone replace.

Rather than opting for a revamped display home, Design & Construct Residential can create something unique that will be crafted to your needs. If you really want something that stands out from the crowd, an architecturally-designed home is the best way to achieve this. Contact the experienced team at Design & Construct Residential to nd out more today.