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Bellissimo Homes Bellissimo Homes Bellissimo Homes Bellissimo Homes Bellissimo Homes Bellissimo Homes Bellissimo Homes Bellissimo Homes Bellissimo Homes Bellissimo Homes Bellissimo Homes Bellissimo Homes Bellissimo Homes Bellissimo Homes
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Bellissimo Homes has burst onto the sustainable home building scene with a revolutionary approach to building that sees sustainable living suddenly become irresistibly affordable. in fact, bellissimo Homes’ sustainable building methods do not cost any more than convention methods such as brick. using eco-friendly structural insulated panels (ecosiPs) will reduce annual running costing for heating and cooling, as well as provide a comfortable home to live in all year long.

EcosiPs is an engineered and environmentally-sustainable structural insulated panel that uses a combination of new generation technology and lightweight materials to achieve an incomparable building system with the benefits of strength, cost-effectiveness, quality and construction efficiency.

The building system is made in Western Australia using only Australian materials for both internal and external walls. As the system is densely insulated, when you build with ecosiPs there is no need for any additional insulation, and because it is engineered, it doesn’t require steel, timber frames or brickwork, and is lightweight, weatherproof and offers resistance to high impacts and is designed to withstand earthquakes and cyclonic conditions.

While bellissimo Homes embraces all building methods, the greatest sustainability benefits come from structural insulated panels (siPs). siPs can safely construct multi-storey buildings, and are fire-retardant, mould- and mildew- resistant, and possess excellent thermal and sound properties.

Homes constructed with siPs can be built incredibly quickly. on average, bellissimo Homes can construct homes in less than half the time of a traditional brick home. This can often save home builders more than six months in interest, mortgage repayments, rent and bank costs, and means they get to enjoy their new home sooner.

Much of the speed can be attributed to the internal and external preparation of the walls. siPs also eliminate the need for gyprock, patterning, waterproofing and cladding – walls can be simply painted on the inside and trowel on texture-coated on the outside.

While bellissimo Homes is gaining significant attention for market-leading sustainability, it is the company’s flair for style and personalised service that further attracts first, second and third home buyers.

Although brick dominates the Western Australian home building market, if anyone can change perception, it’s bellissimo Homes. As an italian builder, bellissimo Homes seeks to merge old-fashioned service and attention to detail with the most innovative and sustainable building products on the market.

“The future belongs to those building companies who embrace superior cost, time- and energy-efficient building methods. since changes to legislation made 6-star energy ratings mandatory, we already have our sights set on building 10-star homes,” says Fernando giaimo, general manager at Bellissimo Homes.

No doubt for those seeking affordable, sustainable living, the future is looking very bellissimo indeed.